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Egglocke; Norms and Elites.

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User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#1
The rules are the basics of any Egglocke, except for the following. (I will begin the Egglocke when I find someone to take my Eggs and Pokémon and then trade them back to me)

I have 7 Pokémon, 6 Team Members and one Back Up (Called a Companion in the story).

No HM Slaves unless I'm truly stuck. In that case they can't be used in battle, only in Field.

Until I get someone to Trade with, I'll be setting up the storyline.

Prologue 1

The Kalos Region. A vast new landscape, never before seen Pokémon and a whole new type, 'Fairy'! This type created a huge new discovery, Human Types. These are elite humans, who are more powerful than normal humans.

When a child is born, the tear of a Fairy Type Pokémon is mixed into their blood, this reveals their true selves. This reveals if they are 'Elites' or 'Norms'

There are 7 Human types;


But with all these new things, there comes a cost. Lives are lost, wars are waged by the Norms who feel that they're being treated unfair because they aren't Elite.

In the Clairvoyance War which took place 124 years ago, Norms battled Elites for control over Kalos. The Norms beat the Elites, due to there being far few Elites than Norms.

The Norms took over the Government, but allowed the Elite families to continue their Traditions, under one condition.

When the Elite children turn 16 they are injected with a Serum that splits their life force into 6 Pieces. To stay alive, the Elite is given 6 Pokémon which are a source of life for him or her. These special Pokémon are called 'Hao'

Once all of the the Hao die, the Elite dies. However, the Elite is given one back up. A Companion Pokémon. This is a Pokémon they are given as a child, a Pokémon who they can train from a young age. This Pokémon can take the place of one of the Hao if it passes away, giving the Elite a stronger chance of survival.

The Elite children are then sent into the Kalos Region, to conquer the Pokémon League. Very few survive and those who do survive tend to have many Physical and Mental issues.

Our story is going to be based around an Elite, 'Ronan' and a Norm, 'Serena'. It's a story of hope, of revolution, and of equality.

End Prologue 1
FC : Ronan - 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)

User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#2
Trading over my eggs bump:3
FC : Ronan - 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)

User Info: fedartz

3 years ago#3
When e'er we are alone,
And ev'ry Strannger gone,
In Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
Begin to play, begin to sing,
The mighty Genius of the lofty Lodge,
In ev'ry Age
That did engage
And well inspir'd the Prince, the Priest,
the Judge,
The Noble and Wise to join In rearing Maison Grand Design
Repeat after me We're Mod fearing people and we're proud
Now you're officially become one of my serf

User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#4
Thank you:3

I think....
FC : Ronan - 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)

User Info: Defender31415

3 years ago#5
Tracked. This looks cool.
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User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#7
FC : Ronan - 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)

User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#8
Prologue 2

"There... No wait just one more... FINISHED! Come see it Mom!" I shout.

I had always been quite good at art, especially work with clay. I'm Rock and Psychic type you see! I'm 8 now, so it's only 8 more years until my journey. It's about time I got my companion!

My Mother runs upstairs and comes over to me.

I move away from the table to show her the clay Golett I have created from clay and pieces of old ruins.

"Why Ronan honey... It's lovely! Where did you find the pieces?..." Asks Mom.

"Sycamore gave them to me. He said they were spares!" I smile. "Now, for the main event..."

I close my eyes and concentrate.

"C'mon! You've done this before... Kind of- you practiced it!"

I hold my hands out over the Golett and concentrate harder, imagining the clay creation moving around.

I open my eyes to see the clay Pokémon moving around on my desk.

"It worked!" I cheer.

"Well done Ronan!" Mom says, patting me on the back.

The Golett turns to me, saying one thing.


"I guess that's his name!" I laugh.



Erebus the Adamant Golett
Ability : Iron Fist
Defense Curl
FC : Ronan - 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)
My Egglocke;

User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#9
Prologue 2

"Happy Birthday Ronan!" Mom cheers coming into the room.

I turn around to see her carrying a cake.

"Thank you! But... My birthday isn't until tomorrow?" I reply, slightly confused.

"Well.. It's an early start tomorrow. You're going to be 16 Ronan. You know what that means..." Mom continues.

"I know..." I sigh, pulling Erebus in close to me.

Over the last few years myself and Erebus have gotten close, and it's hard to think that by this time tomorrow my life will be hanging in the balance, in the faith of him and 6 other Pokémon- my Hao.

"It is unfair Mom- I mean, Serena is 16 already and just because she's a Norm it means she doesn't have to go through these horrible things. It means her Pokémon won't DIE. She won't be forced to make them risk there lives for her...." I say, with a hint of venom in my voice.

Serena got her Pokémon last week, a Froakie, an Espurr, a Clefairy, an Eevee, a Swablu and an Absol. Norms don't really believe in nicknaming Pokémon, which I find strange. She's going on my journey with me. Except she's not risking her life....

"Eat up honey!" Mom says, putting a slice of cake in front of me.

"Thanks..." I say, but my mind is somewhere else.

One more day... That's all I have left.

End of Prologue 3
FC : Ronan - 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)
My Egglocke;

User Info: boto3798

3 years ago#10
Tracking! I'm happy that I found this and I'm interested in seeing if any of my eggs are going to be used. Also, interesting story.
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