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I don't care how bad typhlosion is, this was satisfying as all hell

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User Info: BlazeAssassin

3 years ago#1
Just tried to make a gimmick team "for the lulz", tried it in triple battle. Ninetales sets up drought when it comes out and typhlosion goes all out with a sun boosted scarfed eruption on all 3 and OHKOs all of them. The guy immediately left. I know its a horrible team with 2 pure fire's off the bat, but it was so awesome to see that.

User Info: Jmandal

3 years ago#2
I used this strategy in gen 5 and hardly ever lost in triple battles lol also brought chlorophyll venusaur slowbro blaziken and one other pokemon I forget what but my team destroyed haha
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User Info: JustANoOne

3 years ago#3
Team nukers such as Eruption Typhlosion and Water Spout Jellicent can be amazing against teams that don't resist them. I did surprisingly well with a ScarfSpout Jellicent in Gen V, especially with a Hydreigon running Surf for coverage and healing factor. Not sure how effective it would be in this current metagame though, and it's a pretty dubious strategy.
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User Info: Xerosmaster12

3 years ago#4
One of my computer-generated random "teammates" for Maison multi battles had a Scarfed Eruption Entei, so just for fun I led with Mega Charizard Y to see what would happen. Without really trying we got about a 45 win streak...
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User Info: gwaposidemz

3 years ago#5
typhlosion is good in doubles and triples he blows in Singles since he needs to switch in Sun and risk hazards lowering his HP. With Hazards not being prominent in multi Battles and a Droughter Ninetails or Zard Y simultaneously in the field with Typhlosion he can erupt on teams easily give him the item that increases Special Attacks by 10% Wise Lens? And you are set.
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User Info: Nidoprime

3 years ago#6
If it wins, how can it be bad.
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User Info: PedroScar

3 years ago#7
would be awsome with helping hand :)
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  3. I don't care how bad typhlosion is, this was satisfying as all hell

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