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Generation 7 Pokemon leaked?

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User Info: Meta289

3 years ago#1

Apparently, the new game will be called "Pokemon 3". Strange title, can't say I'm a big fan of it. The new Pokemon designs are pretty strange, too.
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User Info: ssb_master

3 years ago#2
not sure if serious.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#3
Why are Gen 4 designs all over the packaging.
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User Info: TheError404

3 years ago#4
This is something I'd fine in Chinatown....
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User Info: neonplanets

3 years ago#5
Are those supposed to be eeveeloutions?

User Info: PokeMin111

3 years ago#6
I think I got lead poisoning just from looking at it.
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User Info: Pukurin

3 years ago#7
Seems legit...
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User Info: Azure_Flame

3 years ago#8
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User Info: ChapFromKrugis

3 years ago#9
Leaked Gym Leader pic:
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User Info: Mobile_Platform

3 years ago#10
I would train the hell out of that thing that looks like Vaporeon crossed with a mermaid.
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