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I'm a sexist pokemon trainer

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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#11
Hydra_Gundam_ posted...

Don't play to win, play for fun. Love playing games with people, that's why I love Wi-Fi
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User Info: Destrute

3 years ago#12
MahoganyTooth92 posted...
I just bred specifically for a female Sneasel

Come at me bro
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User Info: Genericgamer667

3 years ago#13
Mega Kangashkhan
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User Info: Lady-Lucy

3 years ago#14
MahoganyTooth92 posted...
I just bred specifically for a female Cottonee.

Come at me brah
If Cynthia were to be your Sidekick, you'd end up being her sidekick instead.
And thus, you end up as a comedy relief sidekick,

User Info: Hi-Ho-Diddly-Do

3 years ago#15
Remember to be patient training Combee. It takes a long time to evolve (Think Volcarona), but the reward is worth it.

User Info: LazorFist

3 years ago#16
Maybe I should breed a Rivalry Haxorus sometime...
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User Info: HopesNo1Fan

3 years ago#17
I was like that in gen 3 and 4, then I tried to not care that much, I eventually overcome this problem (I still have some reservations though)

Surprisingly I didn't care for genders in gen 2 (maybe because the gender symbol wasn't of different colors and hard to notice) the actual generation where male pokemon were actually stronger than females
Pokemon Y FC 3668-8772-1047 IGN: Croix -SV 1839-
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User Info: iamBGS

3 years ago#18
I read "sexiest pokemon trainer" and was gonna be all like naw, that's Lt Surge.
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#19
Good for you.

User Info: Tales_of_101

3 years ago#20
My friends are like that.

Me on the other hand the gender depends on the pokemon. Like Machoke and Mr. Mime I would catch Male and Jigglypuff and Lopunny I would catch Female
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