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I'm a sexist pokemon trainer

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User Info: YoungmanJenkins

3 years ago#41
I'm sexist too as I aim for female Pokemon. Even if it's a 87.5% Male Pokemon. I was one of those guy's that reset for a female Fenniken when I first played X and it toke me about 30 resets to get a modest female. My team in X where all Females which included Sylveon and Tytantrum.
I honestly have nothing else to say...

User Info: kirbymariomega

3 years ago#42
I usually end up with more ladies on my team than males.
In both my X and Y teams, I ended up with one male on each (Vileplume and Chesnaught).

User Info: Scynt

3 years ago#43
I only keep male pokemon. Unless its a species that only includes females. Then I'll keep a female and give it a male name.
Conversely, a lot of my males I give female names to.
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