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Did Nintendo's latest tweet piss you off?

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User Info: NecroStreak128

3 years ago#71
Oh boy...
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User Info: JayBiGs86

3 years ago#72
I agree a lot of folks are being whiny, but the vast majority of players have every right to be upset. While it's possible to complete your dex without Bank, a lot of people can't afford to give up a ton of time and Pokemon they might like to do so. So essentially some of us are sitting here with an incomplete game like 3 months after it was released.

Nintendo stating the obvious (Of course information will come in the FUTURE) does not help the situation, nor should it calm anyone down. They should provide some insight into the process and not just make vague and ill advised tweets to the fans.

Everyone should be calm, but being upset over your game being technically incomplete is justified.
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User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

3 years ago#73
They throw out a vague-ass statement like that and then people wonder why fans are upset? Even worse are the people wishing the bank never gets released. Wow. I can't fathom people who say things that are so full of bile and vitriol. I agree with the fact that it's annoying seeing so many complaint topics but, at the same time, I understand why people are upset. Not everyone hacked their Pokémon. I just have a ton of Pokémon that I've had since the R/S/E days that I'm quite attached to. As others have said, I don't want someone else's, I want mine.

However, I am willing to wait and not kick up a fuss about it. Complaining about it does nothing but get people riled up and irritated all over again. We'll get it eventually, and people will forget all about the wait. I liken this to Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The wait for those was agonizing but, as soon as they arrived, it was glorious. Stay strong, my friends.
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User Info: Nezorph

3 years ago#74
People criticizing other people over the internet for what they do with their time.

This topic is full of delicious nutritious hypocrisy.
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User Info: JaybirdX

3 years ago#75
ITT Pretentious Douchenozzles sniffing their farts on the internet.

User Info: Eagles_Shadow

3 years ago#76
Didn't piss me off or anger me.

It did disappoint and left a sour feeling though.
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User Info: Metalgenesis

3 years ago#77
People who complain about Pokebank constantly need to calm down. Sure, nintendo/gamefreak messed up by under estimating server strain, but at least they aren't like a certain company that has trouble counting to three.

*Glares at Valve.*

So please stop acting like someone replaced your os with Windows ME, and have patience.
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User Info: Kane90987

3 years ago#78
No, the tweet doesn't piss me off, what pisses me off is the people who whine because "I WANT POKEBANK NOWWWWWW"

Patience is a lost virtue...
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User Info: DarkHeroZX

3 years ago#80
DarkKirby2500 posted...
Nintendo the company in general pisses me off greatly.

But I like some of the IPs they own and developers that work for Nintendo.

As much as I like Kirby my opinion of Sakurai has come way down after his continued vocal protests against people taking Smash seriously as a fighting game.

And Miyamoto and Sticker Star... Uhh...

But I love me some Pokemon, even if I STILL disagree with many of the decisions made for the game.

Hold on sakurai doesn't want smash to be taken seriously? Isn't being taken in by tourneys the goal by every fighting game?
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