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I Need a Wall!

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User Info: dreamrace

3 years ago#1
My current team is Azumarill, Talonflame, Scizor, Gengar, and Rotom-W. What should my wall be??

User Info: Necro_Slain

3 years ago#2
The official Chaos Blade of the Darks Souls Xbox 360 board.
GT: Pinkies Pie

User Info: Sopheroo

3 years ago#3
Blissey or MegaSaur

User Info: Insanylum13

3 years ago#4
Go to your local Lowes and buy some bricks.
"Guns don't kill people the government does" -Dale Gribble


3 years ago#5

User Info: DoobieScooby

3 years ago#6
Why not ferrothorn to complete that cookie cutter team?
3DS FC:4081-5667-4824 IGN:BLORP

User Info: Ao1x

3 years ago#7
That's a cookie cutter statement. Sounds like someone loses constantly on wi-fi.

User Info: Dread_Raven

3 years ago#8
How about an Avalugg so my Magnezone can rip your whole team apart? Hehehe...
3DS FC: 3840-5891-6554 IGN: Zach

User Info: brown694

3 years ago#9
cookie cutter was not necessary, but i would go with megasaur or ferrothorn
FC: 4313-0620-5972; IGN: Daniel
Friend Safari: Electric: Pachirisu, Helioptile, Manectric

User Info: chaosmagez

3 years ago#10
Mega-Venusaur and your own Rotom-W.
3DS FC: 4570-7953-4737
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