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My brother his friends and his GF still play pokemon even though they're 22Y/O

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User Info: x-takuya-x

3 years ago#231
JudgeMaster posted...
So I'm kind of proud and I find it odd and a bit amusing that my 22 year old brother, his friends, and his GF still play Pokemon. And when I mean play I mean they PLAY! From IV breeding, EV training find the best tactics, finding fun pokemon to use, shiny breeding, and etcetc.I find it even more amusing that his GF and her female friends play just as extremely as my bro and they're very attractive. And I usually never see attractive women play Pokemon competitively.

So I'm just wondering, is anyone here in college / 20+YO who still play pokemon? Male/ Female?

Lol am just curious cus maybe my bro, his friends, his gf, and his gf's attractive female friends are the 1% who still play pokemon at that age.

I for one am 20 years and I'm in college. I'm very much enjoying Pokémon games, especially the older ones. I tend to work out my body and care a lot about my appearance, I classify myself as a handsome guy as opposed to your average 20 year old gamer.

I disagree and agree with your views on attractive people playing the game.

User Info: mushman123

3 years ago#232
22 year old. First year out of of uni. Play with my 12 year old brother all the time. My girlfriend thinks I'm weird but I think she's weird when she takes 1 hour to get ready to go anywhere
3DS FC: 3668-8651-4003 IGN: Hamish

User Info: Inferno05

3 years ago#233
22 Years Old.
Going for Bachelor's in Computer Science
Spent a day of finals (class presentations) playing rated battles on battle spot in december.
Pokemon X 1676-4937-5079 IGN: Reaga SV: 1734

User Info: Oneform

3 years ago#234
I think that the anime TV series made Pokemon seem like something directed at and essentially for children.
That is probably the targeted demographic for their games but lots of people have grown up with it so they're still playing it.
I'm 24 and would still play it if I had a 3DS. I occasionally go back to some of my older games but fear the internal battery will die soon.
The fine line between honour and vengeance will be crossed by one.

User Info: pandajones

3 years ago#235
I'm 22 aswell

User Info: MacrossSpecial

3 years ago#236
Devil_wings00 posted...
MacrossSpecial posted...
You don't suddenly stop liking things when you get older, tc.

I love this attitude that gaming is still a fad that is going to go away when you get older. It's been here for 25 years now and is a multi-billion dollar industry on par with hollywood.

Honestly wouldn't surprise me if the majority of pokemon players are in there 20's and 30's now. Just like the majority of gamers are statistically in there 30's. Funny the generation who grew up with games are now adults who have money and buy games, who would have guessed.

Most tv shows still try to push the whole 1970s basement nerd stereotype... it doesn't surprised me though, hollywood has always been all about shaming people into living a certain way.
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