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About breeding rejects

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User Info: Jrsteg

4 years ago#11
When I was breeding for a 6IV Eevee I went to the trade thread and did a giveaway of all my 5IV ones. People were really appreciative, and then I just WT the rest away.
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User Info: Sephiroth0327

4 years ago#12
If they are desirable (Pokebank and/or 4/5 IV) then I'd suggest a giveaway. Request ppl send you junk so you can just release it all. That's what I do anyway
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User Info: Escheria

4 years ago#13
I usually either put them on WT and then trade until I have a box full of Pokemon I dont feel bad about releasing, or trade them to friends/random people for free or for a small favour, like today I traded two for two Tamato berries that I desperately needed.
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User Info: xbombr

4 years ago#14
If it's a reasonably sought after pokemon, put it up on the GTS for something you're missing from your pokedex.
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