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Any Mega Stones I NEED to keep?

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User Info: NutOfDeath

3 years ago#11
ElSilverWind posted...
Dude . . . Seriously? If you're friend is willing to pay you actual money for your ingame stones (that you can get again by simply starting over and recollecting them) and you actually care about what they want as a friend, then just give them whatever stones they ask for. You're getting what is basically free money for them.

The only one that you may have a little difficulty reacquiring is the Blazekinite, which your friend should already have and isn't a version exclusive so I don't think that one matters.

You know what? You've inspired me to give all the stones. It's enough money to get a new game anyways. I might as well just give all of them to him since he's going overboard.
"When life gives you bruised lemons, either you throw them back at the piece of s*** who bruised them like a man, or deal with it like a coward." -Me

User Info: Inferno05

3 years ago#12
NutOfDeath posted...
Blackcat0123 posted...
If I remember right, the torchic event ends the 14th or 15th. So I really recommend not giving the Blazikenite away unless you have another or intend to restart right away.

I guess you could also have them cloned, but then you'd be sort of a douche for still having him give you $25. Probably. Not really sure where the lines are drawn.

I'm already a douche by accepting the $25 he proposed in the first place, lol. But... I don't know. Don't like cheating.

Don't feel like it's cheating, then. It's still out now, so it's still worthless until afterwards. If you don't want to clone, though, and want to be a nice guy, grab his copy of the game and get the Wondercard for him. Then, he has it without you giving up yours or resorting to a glitch.
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User Info: dowbear2

3 years ago#13
dude give him all that s***. then trade him your valuable pokemon, restart your game, and have him trade you your pokes back and re-acquire your megastones + more pokes :) maybe even pick a different starter to get a new bird :D
FC = 2380-3722-7626, TSV = 2858 :D
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