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How long does the Masuda Method take you?

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User Info: lemurlol

3 years ago#1
As the topic title says, how long does it take you to get a shiny using the Masuda Method?

Just wondering, because I'm on my 270th Beldum egg, nothing yet.
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User Info: Flow_149

3 years ago#2
400 and still going. *choo choo*
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User Info: Terra_s

3 years ago#3
I get dem agonies now within 100 eggs.
Froakie in 30, Treecko in 23.
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User Info: ciberraja

3 years ago#4
Around 1,300 eggs each. It varies though.
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User Info: TheResidentEvil

3 years ago#5
I am in a serious rut. I have had them go to 800 eggs. I am close to passing that now
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User Info: Blazekicker27

3 years ago#6
It took 208 eggs to get my shiny Tyrunt.
3DS FC: 1349-6007-5222, FS: Trapinch/Nincada/Diggersby

User Info: CubeTheLwNoob

3 years ago#7
20Hours in total for the 5iv protean froakie i hatched just 9mins ago
FC: 0018-1655-7226 Safari type : Psychic - Sigilyph Xatu Abra
Pokemon Y IGN: Cube

User Info: Namelesss

3 years ago#8
863 for my scyther
1600+ and counting for a feebas
(3) gaboraaaa!!!!!
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User Info: Aaronlikes

3 years ago#9
I hatched a shiny eevee in a mere 24 eggs, and a shiny beldum in just 9, but I've hatched 300+ noibat, charmander, hawlucha, with no shinies, you can't really determine how long it'll take exactly, it's all about luck

User Info: DKU_Arich

3 years ago#10
4 eggs = Eevee
60-some-odd eggs later = Eevee 2

About 74 = Espurr
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