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Give your favorite Pokemon another evolution

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User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#1
Or de-evolution for that matter. If it already has 3, give it one more, but make sure you say how it gets it (at level, stone, trade, etc.). It's been done to death, but there are always some fun ones.

Ability: Serene Grace; HA: Justified
Type: Normal / Ghost

Appearance: Dunspecter still has that classic Dunsparce look, with a few new features. It's back half starts to disappear as you look back at it, and its head gets a halo too. It also gets some actual wings and a longer body that curves about.

To Evolve: Have Dunsparce level up and then faint in the same battle.
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User Info: Jeb4

3 years ago#2
super mega garchomp

new ability is thick fat

base stats: 175/175/175/175/175/175
also learns dragon dance

all you have to do is kill another garchomp in mega form
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User Info: Puppyfaic

3 years ago#3
Eevee's Normal type evolution!

Ability 1: Run Away
Ability 2: Adaptability
Hidden Ability: Anticipation
HP: 130
ATK: 65
DEF: 110
SPA: 60
SPD: 95
SPE: 65
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User Info: Sopheroo

3 years ago#4
Well, my favorite pokemon is a final evolution, so I'll go and make a split evo instead.

Lotad - Lombre - Ludiva

Evolves from female Lombre with Dawn Stone


Abilities : Rain Dish / Storm Drain
Hidden Ability : Drizzle

HP : 80

Attack : 90

Defense : 70

Sp. Att : 100

Sp. Def : 70

Speed : 70

More offensive than Ludicolo, keeps the same kind of stats, but in different order.

idk, Ludicolo is already perfect

User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#5
Golett -> Golurk -> Golaphus

HP: 107
Attack: 149
Defense: 98
Sp. Attack: 58
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 79

BST: 590

Its fists grow more accentuated and much larger as yellow cracks form on its bigger, more Corinthian-esque body.
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User Info: Azure_Flame

3 years ago#6
Swirlix --> Slurpuff --> Fundae


Ability: Sprinkles: Lowers opponent's accuracy by one stage when the opponent makes contact

Spritzee --> Aromatisse --> Scentine


Ability: Lulling Aroma: Lowers the Attack and Speed of the opposite side of the field for five turns upon switching in. All opposing Pokemon are affected, whether or not they're on the field at the time of this ability's activation.

Both are obtained by trading a Slurpuff for an Aromatisse.
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User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#7

Evolves From: Ninetales

Evolution Method: Evolves at 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM during Clear Skies by Level Up to level 84

Color Scheme: Silver and Red with light blue eyes.

Appearance: 12 tails and noticeable red stripes on the end of each tail. Red pattern on its back as well. Fox-like body shape is maintained.

Type: Fire/Fairy

Flash Fire

Hidden Ability:

BST: 580

HP: 103
Atk: 50
Def: 90
Spa: 122
Spd: 100
Spe: 115

Notable new Moves:
Wide Guard
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User Info: Puppyfaic

3 years ago#8
Electrike >> Manectric >> Canectric!
Evolves at Lv56.
Learns Ice Beam.
HP: 90
Atk: 75
Def: 75
SpA: 130
SpD: 85
Spe: 125
BST: 580
3DS FC: 0216 1295 1824 | Pokemon X IGN: Puppyfaic | Bergmite, Snorunt, Piloswine
Playing: Pokemon X, Mario Kart 7, PMD Gates to Infinity

User Info: Scynt

3 years ago#9
Stunky -> Skuntank -> Stiskunk
Ability: Stench / Aftermath; HA: Defiant
Type: Dark / Poison

Appearance: A bipedal skunk creature resembling skunktank, with the same coloration and large, full tail up its back with the tip draped over the top of its head. Face has slimmed on the sides slightly and is more pronounced outward. Has a little bit of a chubby tummy on it and long, sharp claws on its hands and feet. a couple additional tails come off from the base of his main tail and swing around, a bit, but normally curve to point forward.

To Evolve: Evolve Skuntank at night with high happiness

User Info: Ray_Ledgend_46

3 years ago#10

Levelling up a female Dragonair with max happiness at night during the rain to level 50 or above will cause it to evolve into Dragonake, another branch separate from Dragonite.

This pokemon stays more true to Dragonair's serpent like appearance, turning to a deeper shade of blue, and sprouting two more sets of those wing like things. Toward the end of its tail, its tail actually forks into three tails, each with those rattlesnake like ends on them. Also, its forehead has a more pronounced, almost unicorn-like horn.

Type: Dragon

Ability: Shed Skin

Hidden Ability: Protective Scale - This ability will only activate if Dragonake is at 50% HP or above. If a non-super effective move would cause Dragonake to faint, that move's damage output will be reduced by half. If a super effective move would cause Dragonake to faint, Dragonake will survive with 1 HP.


HP - 80
Atk - 100
Def - 95
Sp. Atk - 134
Sp. Def - 90
Spd - 101
3DS FC and other info in my profile.
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