The Official Shiny Pokemon Guide: Masuda Method, a Fishing Rod, and YOU! v1

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    1. How long does this process take?

    Sadly, it is all up to luck. While the Masuda Method greatly increases your chance of finding a Shiny, the exactly number of eggs and the time it takes varies. For example. On my first MM run, it took me over 1,900 eggs to hatch a Shiny Tyrunt. This was approximately 100 game hours of time. Luckily I was at home due to an injury and had the time.

    My second MM Shiny was a Hone Edge. It took me 32 or so eggs, and this includes my breeding for better IV’s.

    2. If I take one of the Pokemon out or switch them out, does this reduce or reset the chance of a shiny?

    No. For my Honedge, I was continually taking the parent out to increase IV’s. Each egg hatched, regardless if it is in a chain (continuous hatching without doing other actives) or otherwise has the same chance of being a Shiny.

    3. Can I get the eggs and then save, then soft reset after they hatch to save time for hatching?

    No. The second the egg is created it is determined. So you could continually hatch and reset the same 5 eggs, but if they were not shiny to begin with, they won’t be shiny later.

    4. Do Pokemon received from in game trades count as a different region?

    Sadly no.

    5. Speaking of Shiny, does the Shiny Charm work for increased Shiny chances?

    This is a matter of much debate. The charm did affect breeding in the past, but due to a description change, we are unsure. Smogon is currently testing this though (

    You can find a link to a word document there with all of the data. As of 1/19/2014 the current results are: 32,752 eggs hatched, 97 shinnies, which puts the shiny rate at 1/338.

    6. Speaking of items. If I have things like an everstone or power item on a Pokemon, does that lower the Shiny chance?

    From what I can see, no. I had both a Destiny Knot and Everstone on my Pokemon for both the Tyrunt and Honedge and both Pokemon hatched shiny at opposite sides of the spectrum. If yours is taking awhile just remember, the chance to hatch is the same for each egg.

    7. Do ditto’s work? What about if a parent is shiny?

    I ditto works just fine. Many Dittos over WT and the GTS are also high IV’s, so it may be worthwhile to use one. Keep in mind that to pass down Level up moves (not egg moves); you need two parents who both know the ability.

    Using a Shiny Parent does not increase shiny chance.

    8. I don’t have a foreign Pokemon. What do I do :(

    They are pretty easy to get. Just go to the trade boards ( and make a topic, or post in one of the Clan topics. Most people have tons of ditto’s they can give you, but be polite and offer if you can. You can also go through the WT or GTS.

    Also keep in mind that even if you hatch an egg with a foreign Pokemon, it will hatch under your region. So if you switch the baby with the parent that was from the other region you will not be doing the MM.

    9. I am on my xxxx egg…does this really work?

    Yes. Take a break if you need, but I guarantee that the second you notice that Shiny come out of that egg you will have a big grin on your face for sticking with it. They truly do add something special to your team, and they do the little special star glitter when they come out.

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