The Official Shiny Pokemon Guide: Masuda Method, a Fishing Rod, and YOU! v1

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    4) Party Build

    The rest of your party should be up to the task of capturing the Pokemon you encounter without fail. A False Swiper, a status-inducer with moves such as Sleep Powder or Thunder Wave is highly recommended. Remember that the levels of the wild Pokemon differ with each rod.

    Old Rod - Level 15
    Good Rod - Level 25
    Super Rod - Level 35

    Make sure to plan your team accordingly.

    5) Don't forget your balls!

    Make sure you have a healthy stock of Pokeballs before beginning your streak! You don't want to have to end it prematurely because you're running low. Also think about aesthetics; give your new shiny a cool looking new home!

    Things to Keep in Mind

    While building your fishing streak, there are a few things to be aware of

    1) You are not GUARANTEED to run into a shiny at any point. All this method does is greatly increase your odds. But, as with anything luck based, today might just be an off day for you. Don't get frustrated, take a break and try again later.

    2) There are a limited amount of Pokemon found through fishing, so don't be surprised if you end up getting several of the same shiny Pokemon, while completely missing out on the one you actually want. It's all luck.

    3) Don't over think what you're doing. You'll psych yourself out and screw up your timing, potentially ruining a long streak. Stay calm, and try to go in without expecting anything out of it. It'll just make you tense.

    4) Remember that several Pokemon found through fishing are version exclusive!

    Exclusive to Y:

    Exclusive to X:

    Try and catch duplicates to trade other shiny hunters to collect them all :D
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