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The Official Shiny Pokemon Guide: Masuda Method, a Fishing Rod, and YOU! v1

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User Info: cookiehaha

3 years ago#161
Willing to trade my Diancie for a shiny female Mawile. Quote me if you want to trade. I shall give you my friend code.

User Info: Super_Henu

3 years ago#162
hey guys i've been away for awhile but in that time i've gotten a Shiny Honedge, Phantump, Nincada.

& from FS i got an Excradrill and Druddigon my Imgur is updated just i forgot to take a picture of the honedge now agieslash in AS
My Pokemon X & Y Shinnies

User Info: Chodemonster

2 years ago#163
Got a froakie after trying this after 200 something odd eggs and git a shiNY 4 iv missing att and def, modest nature and protean.
I will use this competively because def doesn't matter that much for greninja.

Trying breloom next.
Friend code. 3153 3373 3144

User Info: Super_Henu

2 years ago#164
nice ^ good job i have a shinny greninja you will love it

and i just got a shinny poliwag that will become an politoad

my pictures are updated
My Pokemon X & Y Shinnies

User Info: Firemaster5

2 years ago#165
Masuda Method, shiny Poochyena on the eighth egg! Unfortunately, she has Run Away.
4IV (missing HP and Sp. Atk.) to 368s /FFX-2 spoilers

User Info: swackofsmack

2 years ago#166
480 eggs now, and no shiny Charmander... Getting tired. Oh well.

User Info: ShinyGaIIade

2 years ago#167
Just finished masuda methoding a shiny Ralts. Roughly 100 eggs later. (Can't find my egg hatch stats like Pokemon White)
Really wanted it male for gallade

Here's what I got:

Shiny - tick
Ralts - tick
Male - tick
2IV - Speed/Attack - tick
Modest Nature (inc. def / dec. atk) what can you do

4/5 ain't bad

Woot so ecstatic

User Info: Shou_Sama

2 years ago#168
Damn, you are not lying. It does take awhile. I've completed the whole game of ORAS not sure if the % differ from the last or not. But, even with the shiny charm, I've been breeding pulse & minus all day. And still nothing. It's been over 5 hours straight. So, I will keep in touch here and adds extra information about it. I use the flame body pokemon(MM) shiny charm and refilled PC box up about 5xs if not more. Only seen 1 shiny throughout this game so far and that with me having over 200hours play time. (Shiny charm-> you need to catch them all!) to obtain.

User Info: Firemaster5

2 years ago#169
MM'd for a Honedge; the third egg this time.
It's probably not perfect.
A General of Pokelite Trainers' Sanctum
Chances are slm to none at best

User Info: Firemaster5

2 years ago#170
Totodile egg 3 was shiny but, it was when I was attempting to get a female w/ the HA for breeding so, IVs, nature, and the ability were disappointing.
"If cryogenics were all free, then you could live like Walt Disney and live for all eternity inside a block of ice."
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