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I just Wonder Traded a Zygarde.

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User Info: themagicpainman

3 years ago#21
shadothebrain posted...
I like wonder trading trade evolution pokemon. I bred phantumps for two days trying to get a decent 5iv with the correct nature and ability, then wonder traded the three box fulls I had. I know whenever I'm wonder trading and I get a trade evolution I rage because I have to sit there and watch the ten second evolution animation.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Plus, Gourgeist learns 5 moves if it evolves at level 1.

Teach it 4 TMs so it tries to learn them all.
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User Info: PK_Ness

3 years ago#22
KryptoPyro13 posted...
I'm nice, I give my breeding rejects which at least of correct nature...

This. Sometimes egg moves too. And they at least have 4 IVs which you can use for breeding yourself
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User Info: Ruwalk

3 years ago#23
m0n0m0n posted...
I just like making people happy so I wt all my protean froaki breeding rejects and I put pokerus on them. I recieved so many 4/5 IV pokemons, pokebank pokemons and ha pokemons that I like to help beginners with some ha froakis

Honestly I love it when people do this and have been trying to do it more myself.

Decided to try breeding for a shiny speed boost Torchic purely just to see how long it would take. Wonder traded a bunch of them and ended up getting a lot of 3-4IV pokemon and egg move pokemon I've never had before. Yeah you still get junks, but remembering the excitement that came with each new good or decent pokemon I've gotten before made it irrelevant.

Thinking about putting pokerus on either the Torchics or on blue flower Flabebe and mass breeding them for WT. A very kind person WT-d a 5IV egg move Totodile, so I'm currently leveling him up so he keeps his moves and I can breed those.

User Info: Jasonspencer16

3 years ago#24
I don't mind getting scatterbugs, because sometime they're from a new pattern. And because people always plug scatterbugs back into Wondertrade when they get one, they're likely to have travelled a lot so you never really know what pattern you're going to get.
GamerTag: TwistAndSpin
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User Info: drummerdan82

3 years ago#25
Best I've gotten was lvl 89 Lucaro(sp?) with proper EV training and competitive battle skills.

Used to trade all the extra guys I saw trying to catch a female eevee. Now I'm shipping all my friend safari extras I get trying to find the second and third friend safari pokemon.
Superdan here, how can I help you?

User Info: Tacoman561

3 years ago#26
I wonder traded mine from the first run(I was restarting to do a Nuzlocke) and got a level 4 Simisear.
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