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Has anyone of you actually failed in capturing a Shiny Pokemon in the wild?

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  3. Has anyone of you actually failed in capturing a Shiny Pokemon in the wild?

User Info: shinyxerneas

3 years ago#131
I work full time in the friend safari and I have like around 80 shinies from there now. I have ran away from at least three shinies, charmeleon, ponyta, and swirlix. Some are difficult to tell whether shiny or not if I missed the sparkling entrance sequence and I'm sure I ran away not knowing.

User Info: bizarro_dood

3 years ago#132
Just one. I false swiped an eevee in the safari.....

User Info: zinformant

3 years ago#133
I lost a shiny Beldum on 228 because I didn't realize their catch rate was 3. How was I to know? Anyway, the next time I brought a Master Ball.
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User Info: Necro_Slain

3 years ago#134
Was Horde Battling for EV training. Horde of Weepinbel appeared, me, not paying attention, knocked them out with Earthquake. Right as the last one faints, I notice it looks a bit different. Check the pokedex to see that I've seen one shiny female Weepinbel...

Such sadness...
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User Info: vicreve

3 years ago#135
Ryhorn in the safari zone in ruby. Why god why must they run from you I never had a chance.
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User Info: phoenixflame95

3 years ago#136
I was falling in and out of sleep and still can't remember if I encountered a Solosis that was shiny or not. I just remember that I ran away immediately. But then I ran into a shiny Mr. Mime straight after so I convinced myself the Solosis couldn't be shiny.

User Info: pichuvolttackle

3 years ago#137
it was in silver version and i didn't know about shinies but heard about it a little but tought it was a legend or something I wasnt sure at first if the sparks showed bc i wasnt paying attention but got to see the last sparks and thought it was weird and it wasnt very clear that it was a shiny bc it was a scyther!!!! I tried to catch it to confirm and used "false swipe" thats what i thought it was but I used another move instead and it died :( and I have also killed a tangela in the same game got a crit that time
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User Info: trewerd

3 years ago#138
Never failed at capture, but my 3DS had failed me before.
I caught a shiny Wortortle, and had named it "Cryoshell". Immediately after, my game tells me that I had an error and restarted. My Wortortle then became lost.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#139
Tsukasa1891 posted...
twice in pokemon gold. first time was a teddiursa who ran away. second time was a tentacool because my pc box was full and i forgot to change it.

I had a similar failure with a freaking Shiny Tangela. I forgot to change boxes, so I let it run or I killed it.

Can't remember which, as I was the original Silver when that occurred.
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  3. Has anyone of you actually failed in capturing a Shiny Pokemon in the wild?

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