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This pokemon gets a mega, make one for it...

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User Info: joey11223

3 years ago#1

Although legendaries could, for the purposes of this exclude legendaries and NFE pokes. If you get a poke which has one you may click again, unless you feel it deserved another form.

Guessing most folks know what the general rule is, you can add 100 BST to it, can't go on HP.

So I got Crawdaunt...

Mega Crawdaunt...

Appearance: Looks like Crawdaunt but those two small front arms are also large claws now, it's taller in height and its tail is extended and looks more powerful, maybe another pair of legs as well.

Ability: Moxie


HP: 65
Att: 160 (+40)
Def: 95 (+10)
Sp. att: 130 (+40)
Sp. def: 55
Speed: 65 (+10)

Turns it into a powerful mixed attacker, though obviously with a nudge towards physical, particularly with moxie, still cursed with slow speed and paper thin sp. def. Would work well on a trick room or tailwind team.

User Info: Puppyfaic

3 years ago#2
Got Luxio, so I'll just do Luxray.

Mega Luxray
Type: Electric/Dark
Ability: Surging Body - All contact moves used by either Pokemon have a 50% chance to Paralyze the enemy.
HP: 80
ATK: 150
DEF: 89
SPA: 105
SPD: 89
SPE: 110
Base Stat Total: 623

Meant to be a bulky physical attacker that no one would want to come in contact with.
3DS FC: 0216 1295 1824 | Pokemon X IGN: Puppyfaic | Bergmite, Snorunt, Piloswine
Playing: Pokemon X, Mario Kart 7, PMD Gates to Infinity

User Info: joey11223

3 years ago#3
Puppyfaic posted...
Got Luxio, so I'll just do Luxray.


Caught your edit hehe, not only did I mention that, I also mentioned not to include NFE to make it

I love luxray...mega would make me happy.

User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#4
I just wanna do staraptor.

Type: normal/flying
Ability: gale wings

Hp: 85
Atk: 160
Def: 80
Sp Atk: 50
Def: 90
Spd: 130
"I am fire. I am ... DEATH." - Smaug

User Info: acerola-orion

3 years ago#5
Mega Infernape
Gale Fists
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User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#6
Mega Vanilluxe

Appearance: Face becomes angry and the top gains a deep brown coloring like chocolate. It also gains another "straw".

Type: Ice/Steel

Ability: Regenerator

HP: 71
Atk: 55
Def: 120
Spa: 150
Spd: 120
Spe: 119
StrifeHart is my OTP. Official shiny Ninetales of the Pokemon X Board Riley's Boyfriend on the Pokemon BW2 & X boards. 3DS FC: 3050 8148 9673

User Info: dancnbna

3 years ago#7
Mega Glaceon
Ability: Chilly Body (has a chance of inflicting frozen status when hit with contact moves)

HP: 65 (+0)
Attack: 80 (+20)
Defense: 130 (+20)
Special Attack: 150 (+20)
Special Defense: 115 (+20)
Speed: 85 (+20)
You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.

User Info: taa20

3 years ago#8
Goodra... No kidding.

Since I have always believed all the Pseudos should get a Mega anyway, this was fitting...

Type: Dragon

HP 90 -> 90
AT 100 -> 100
DF 70 -> 100 (+30)
SA 110 -> 130 (+20)
SD 150 -> 180 (+30)
SP 80 -> 100 (+20)

Ability: Water Absorb, Thick Fat, or Gooey

I could see Goodra getting incredibly bulky, and the capacity to get free switches into fights with Water Absorb to counter Stealth Rock damage or Thick Fat to effectively remove the Ice weakness. Also, as another option, just enough Speed to make Gooey no longer absolutely necessary, but a decent support option to screw up other stuff.

User Info: maxdoss

3 years ago#9
Mega Mamoswine

Ability: Extinction (When this Pokémon is KO'ed the pokemon that KO'ed it also faints)

110 - 110

130 -> 160

80 -> 105

70 -> 60

60 -> 105

80 -> 90

Built to be a tank that can take hits and also deal out massive physical damage.

User Info: hugo-n-kisses

3 years ago#10
Mega Hydreigon
Ability: Triple Threat- breaks attacks into 3 segments (ex. Flamethrower hits three times with a BP of 30 each, each hit can be boosted by life orb, choice band etc.)
FC: 0516-8354-0152 IGN: Mando Friend Safari (Ghost): Shuppet, Duskull, Drifloon
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