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Your most hated pokemon of each type?

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User Info: Mikokiri

3 years ago#1
No one can love every single one of these over 700 beasts. So, say your most hated pokemon of each type (can be half type) and give a reason why.

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User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#2
Rock: Tyranitar because Sand Stream.
Water: Politoed because it looks atrocious and also ended up being far more useable than Poliwrath, who I like more.
Electric: Pachirisu because it was right around Gen 4 that I got really sick of seeing Pikaclones.
Grass: Sceptile because it's the ugliest Grass starter by far.
Poison: Skuntank because it looks ugly, sounds offensive, and wasn't available to use in the one situation where I might have appreciated it.
Psychic: Unown because I don't want to devote that much box storage to one thing that's so useless.
Fire: Infernape because it's ugly as **** and **** the Chimchar line.
Ground: Garchomp because it embodies pretty much everything I hate in a dragon and its Mega Evolution just made it look even stupider.
Flying: Unfezant because I love pigeons and was all excited when I first saw Pidove and this is how they treated it?!
Bug: Masquerain because it had the misfortune of being the evolved form of the far-more-interesting Surskit.
Normal: Arceus because its backstory retcons Mew out of being the ancestor of all Pokemon and because fans tend to treat it interchangeably with God. Stands out as being the only Pokemon I legitimately hate.
Ghost: Jellicent because it's pretty much the one Ghost-type I'm only indifferent to; the other Ghost-types are just that amazing.
Fighting: Infernape again because of the same reasons as before.
Steel: Dialga because it's a legendary dragon and also quadrupedal and also looks bad.
Ice: Walrein because I think it looks ugly and resent that it's more useable than many other Ice-types that I like more.
Dragon: Mega Charizard X because this abomination did not need to exist in the first place and is nothing but an absolutely disgraceful attempt to pander to one of the dumbest factions of the fanbase.
Dark: Houndoom because I don't like dogs in the first place and every step of the evolutionary process just makes Houndoom look even dumber than it did before.
Fairy: Aromatisse because I was all hyped up for a plague doctor and instead got this oddly-proportioned furry creature. What is it even supposed to look like? I get the feeling I don't want to know.
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User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#3
Normal: Lickilicky
Fire: Emboar
Water: Gastrodon
Grass: Ludicolo
Electric: Zebstrika
Psychic: Grumpig
Ice: Jynx
Fighting: Conkeldurr
Flying: Swoobat
Poison: Swalot
Ground: Rhyperior
Rock: Tyranitar
Bug: Scolipede
Ghost: Drifblim
Dark: Scrafty
Steel: Ferrothorn
Fairy: Wigglytuff
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#4
Normal: Lickilicky
Fire: Slugma
Water: Erm... Barboach, Wooper
Grass: Sunkern
Flying: Woobat line
Fairy: Swirlix
Poison: Dustox
Steel: Erm...
Psychic: Mega Mewtwo Y
Dark and Ghost: The two Dark/Ghosts
Dragon: Sliggoo
Bug: Paras
Fighting: Me- Wait, I can't say its name.
Ground: Seis- Hmm...
Rock: Any with Sturdy
Ice: Hmm...
Electric: Mareep. Damned Thunder Wave spamming sheep.
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User Info: PokemonVeteran

3 years ago#5
Normal- Zigzagoon. It's super abundance in 3rd gen made me dislike it increasingly, especially since i usually don't buy repels

Fire- Torkoal/ Camerupt. Never really either one's design. Camerupt to me looks like its just mentally challenged and Torkoal's stats to me are just too weird for me to enjoy using.

Water- Luvdisc. Terrible stat distribution and i hate the infatuation status ailment i seem to get whenever i fight one of them.

Grass- Pansage. Just..terrible.

Electric- Emolga. Elesa's Gym in Black/White. Brought a ground type, thought i was set, i was wrong.

Psychic- Meditite. I hate it's design.

Ice- Cryogonal. I find it's stat distribution annoying to work with.
Fighting- Hitmontop. I don't like the design.

Flying- Farfetch'd. I liked him in the first season of the anime way back when i was a kid, but his stats are terrible and i hate using him in game.

Poison- Trubbish/ Garbodor. I feel like they're kind of a bad spoof off of the Grimer family.

Ground- Stunfisk. I hate it's design. Possibly one of the most derpy looking pokemon.

Rock- Roggenrola. Sturdy ability.

Bug- Ledian. I like the design, hate it's stats.

Ghost- Spiritomb. The way you were supposed to get it legitimately in 4th gen was just ridiculous.

Dark- Mightyena. I like the design, hate it's stats.

Steel- Klefki. Thought it's dex entry was funny, just think it's design is lame.

Fairy- Aromatisse. I hate it's design, it's just ugly.

User Info: Iced_Shadows

3 years ago#6
Normal - Lickilicky. Why does it even exist...?

Fire - Infernape. Seriously, I don't know if it is possible for there to be an uglier starter.

Water - Floatzel. I dunno, I think the color scheme is what bothers me about this guy.

Grass - Chespin. What a stupid little rat. >:(

Electric - Pikachu. Just because I personally believe it is the main thing holding the show back from being something more. After all, they can't exactly drop Ash as a character and still keep Pikachu... Or maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I like most Electric types so this was a hard choice.

Psychic - Drowzee. I just find it to be an annoying, useless Pokemon.

Ice - Glaceon. The design for an Ice-type Eevee could have been so much better...

Fighting - Lucario. Lucario took the place of Mewtwo in Brawl. I can never forgive it for that...

Flying - Ducklett.'s a blue duck. How does that even make it a Pokemon?

Poison - Budew. I dunno, I just don't like its face.

Ground - Palpitoad. It creeps me out, what can I say?

Rock - Geodude. I'm sick of seeing them. Besides, they killed my first ever shiny I saw in a horde with Magnitude.

Bug - Kricketune. I think this might be the most pointless Bug-type Pokemon. Or maybe Mothim is. I dunno, it's a toss up I guess.

Ghost - Mismagius. I don't dislike it, I just forget it exists I guess. I don't know, I like ALL Ghost types... :(

Dark - Crawdaunt. Why is it even a Dark type? There's nothing about it that even remotely hints at being a Dark type...

Steel - Wormadam. Pink exterior = trash cloak...? Okay then...

Dragon - Goodra. I would hate it less if it weren't pure Dragon. That, and I really wish the Goomy line ended in something that stayed more slug-like than some weird melting Barney.

Fairy - Marill. Actually, the entire Marill line. WHY are they Water/Fairy? There's literally no reason that I can think of. There are Pokemon that look far more like Fairies than any of those three that didn't get the type change...
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User Info: jimmyjones69

3 years ago#7
You're missing Dragon on your list.

Anyways for me it would be:

Normal - Miltank. I've hated this thing ever since I met Whitney's Miltank. I don't really have to say much else about it lol.

Fire - Magmar. The Fire type is one of my favorite types but I just can't seem to like this guy. I can't really explain it... I just don't like him :P.

Water - Pelipper. I saw a friend of mine playing Pokemon Sapphire and I asked him about this particular Pokemon on his team. I could never see myself using a Pelipper.

Grass - Breloom. Spore, spore and more spore. Need I say more?

Electric - Emolga. Elesa and her Volt Switching Emoglas. Arghhh!

Psychic - Wobbuffet. The anime made me hate this dude.

Ice - Walrein. I started hating him when I was playing Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD. I really don't like his look.

Fighting - Hitmontop. He's incredibly annoying and commonly used on many Doubles teams.

Flying - Zubat. I love Crobat but I absolutely cannot stand Zubat! Every cave I go into I run into Zubats!

Poison - Weezing. I saw too much of Weezing in the early anime shows. Ever since then I hated him.

Ground - Rhyperior. Big and ugly looking. Not much else really.

Rock - Probopass. Same reason as Rhyperior.

Bug - Weedle. Poison Sting in the Viridian Forest was serious business.

Ghost - Shedinja. Playing Pokemon XD and dealing with his ability was bothersome. Luckily I had at least one attack I could kill him with.

Dark - Skuntank. A skunk Pokemon. Yeahhh no thanks.

Steel - Klefki. Prankster makes him unbelievably annoying. As much as I don't like him I could still find myself using him on a few teams.

Fairy - Xerneas. I hated his design the second I saw his released pictures.

Dragon - Giratina. He's one of my least favorite legendaries. I dislike his design.
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User Info: Mikokiri

3 years ago#8
Normal - Kecleon - Colour change ability makes it annoying as hell, plus the STAB attacks with it will never stay the same the turn you want it to, It is like protean but unable to be controlled, and it is just way too annoying to knock this thing out.
Fire - Charizard - It is just a dragon... And there are now heaps better looking dragon pokemon out there! Get over it gen 1 fanboys, your childhood dragon isn't as much of a beast as you thought he was.
Water - Barbarcle - Just.... keep the ugly hand thing away from me....
Grass - Quilladin - Why did they do this to you chespin? They made you fat and ugly... And your evolution typing isn't much better..... *sigh*
Electric - Pikachu - Overrated, weak and annoying. Raichu is better, Pichu is cuter, why do people actually like this thing, and why is it the mascot of pokemon? Shouldn't it be mew or something? Because... You know, IT IS THE ANCESTOR OF ALL POKEMON!!! And why did they give pikachu a defence boost? To make people wanna use it? Yea, that isn't really fair... Boost the overrated rodent stats a bit so it can become a bit more useable... And give it an item to make it just as powerful as its evolution.... Uuuuuugh.
Psychic - Unown - Weak and stupid gimmick. They would actually be kinda cool if they had any connection to the main story or some kind of in-game event...
Ice - Delibird - Why are you so weak and useless?
Fighting - Pangoro - Not really a fan of the design... Bit too basic and the dark typing gives it unneeded weaknesses... At least psychic is useless against it.
Flying - Gyrados - .... Why is it part flying? You could of changed it into water/dark for regular form at any time after gen 2, BECAUSE THE FAIRY TYPE DIDN'T STOP YOU FROM COMPLETELY CHANGING QUITE A FEW POKEMON FROM NORMAL TO FAIRY!!!!!!
Poison - Muk - Its just a blob of purple goo with an arm and a face...... Nice job designing this one guys.
Ground - Dugtrio - Just... 3 Digglets sticky-taped together permanently? Really? I would hate to see it's mega if it got one.
Rock - Probpass - .... Pokemon + Moustache = No.... just no....
Bug - Wurmple - Evolving at random = Bulls***. Seriously, can we just do the day/night thing like eevee? Please?
Ghost - Spirtomb - Gen 4 havoc.... You all remember....
Dark - Grenenja - Protean makes it broken and annoying....
Steel - Magneton - Another 'times it by 3' pokemon.... Ugh.... This is why I hate gen 1.
Fairy - Granubble - HOW IS THIS BULLDOG A FAIRY TYPE?!??!?!? And how is it 'fairy pokemon'? uuuuugh, just keep it normal and change it to bulldog pokemon, I mean, you changed Rattata from the Rat pokemon to the mouse pokemon... Even though it has RAT in it's name!!!!!!
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User Info: Sephirotht

3 years ago#9
Hmm, interesting.

Fire: Emboar, total waste of a Fire starter space.
Water: Phione, really don't see the reason for his existance.
Grass: Amoonguss-line, lame attempt to recreate Voltorbs gimmick.
Electric: Pachirisu, of all Pikachu clones, he's the only one I consider absolutely worthless.
Normal: Delcatty, was harder to choose than I thought but I have nothing with Delcatty.
Flying: Chatot, besides his gimmick why bother?
Bug: Male Combee, absolutely worthless
Poison: Golbat and Zubat, obvious why. Although Crobat is cool.
Ground: Claydol, it's ugly
Rock: Probopass, actually like them all but he's kinda ugly.
Steel: Genesect, just dun like him.
Fighting: Hitmontop, it's stupid imo
Psychic: Chimecho, meh
Ghost: Banette I guess
Dark: Mandibuzz, I really dun like her.
Ice: Vanilluxe, yeah, really disappointing.
Dragon: Goodra, dunno why it's so popular but I think it's really really stupid.
Fairy: Mr. Mime, I think he's just stupid.
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User Info: DavMayCry

3 years ago#10
Normal: Arceus; op
Fire: Emboar; the ugliest starter and the third consecutive fire/fighting
Water: Qwilfish; it's so ugly I sometimes forget it exists
Electric: Emolga; it doesn't evolve from Pachirisu
Grass: Meganium; after the anime made Bayleef awesome, Meganium was dead to me
Ice: Vanilluxe; it is pointless
Fighting: Mega Mewtwo X; it shouldn't exist
Poison: Tentacool; cuz Hoenn, tentacruel is fine though
Ground: Donphan; I always thought it was annoying, And Phanpy was cute..
Flying: Talonflame; single handedly destroyed the fighting type.. Zapdos gets an honorable mention, somehow it always gives me trouble
Psychic: Bronzong; Sinnoh!
Bug: Weedle; ended my Nuzlocke run once
Rock: Nosepass; swarms of these for ev training are a pain in the ass, so Im forced to use a power belt as I ev train the other stats
Ghost: Banette; disappointing mega evo, doesn't get prankster on turn 1
Dragon: Druddigon; one of the many ugly designs fifth gen brought, but this one is useless
Dark: Skuntank; it's ugly and mean and has no charm
Steel: Aegislash; the mind games are not fun
Fairy: Aromatisse; the one pokemon whose design creeps me out
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