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Your most hated pokemon of each type?

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User Info: drlolimaster

3 years ago#31
Mikokiri posted...

Normal lopunny. i hate its design balance

Fire delphox. i hate humanshape pokemon

Water barbaracle......

Grass quiladin. its disgusting

Electric pachirisu

Psychic jynx

Ice jynx

Fighting hawlucha

Flying farfetchd and hawlucha. i hate stupid looking things. drifblim is a bad design in my opinion. but the other two are just stupid

Ground diggersby

Rock barbaracle/probopass

Bug krikitune

Ghost gourgeist.

Dark mandibuzz

Steel probopass

Fairy aromitiesse

User Info: Dembonez19

3 years ago#32
Normal - Bidoof
Fire - Talonflame
Water - Bibarel
Grass - Quilladin
Electric - Helioptile
Psychic - Mr. Mime
Ice - Kyurem
Fighting - Conkeldurr
Flying - Wingull
Poison - Trubbish
Ground - Stunfisk
Rock - Barbaracle
Bug - Wurmple
Ghost - Trevenant
Dragon - Palkia
Dark - Darkrai
Steel - Dialga
Fairy - Togekiss

User Info: Nitemare667

3 years ago#33
Normal- Kangaskahn-Mega
Fire- Heatran
Water- Greninja
Grass- Ferrothorn
Electric- Ampharos-Mega
Psychic- Alakazam-Mega
Ice- Kyurem-B/W
Fighting- Lucario-mega
Flying- Togekiss
Poison- Venusaur_Mega
Ground- Gliscor
Rock- Tyranitar
Bug- Genesect
Ghost- Gengar (both normal and mega)
Dark- Gyarados-Mega
Steel- Scizor
Fairy- Azumarill

Basically i hate them because i see them everytime and it eventually gets boring fighting the same cookie cutter teams over and over again.
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User Info: bloodmage3

3 years ago#34
Normal - Rattata. This thing was everywhere in HeartGold. Every single damn route, trainer and Team Rocket grunt had freaking Rattata. I have no idea how people can give Bidoof or Zubat so much crap when Rattata is so much worse.
Fire - Magby, Magmar, Pansear and Simisear for being ugly and useless pieces of crap. Magmortar escapes this list because it has cannons for arms, that's just badass.
Water - Luvdisc. Terribly weak, stupid design, nothing that makes it unique... This is easily the worst Pokemon ever created.
Grass - Pansage and Simisage. I get that Pokemon is kiddy and aimed at kids, but these monkeys went a bit too far for my taste...
Electric - Dedenne and Pachirichu. I should use those things over Pikachu or Raichu because? Also why the hell do they not evolve? Pikachu evolves, why not these things and their counterparts?
Psychic - Mr. Mime. Luvdisc may be the worst Pokemon ever created, but Mr. Mime shall forever be the most stupid one. There is nothing redeemable about its horrible design, and Gamefreak will have to mess things up real hard to ever create anything as disgusting at this pile of stupid.
Ice - Vanillish. This thing has the stupidest face since Mr. Mime. Shame too, because Vanillite had a lot of potential to turn into something that's not grotesque.
Fighting - Keldeo, I guess. Never seen it in game, but it's design is just blegh.
Flying - Pidgeot. For some reason I hate how this bird was already horrible and completely outclassed by Dodrio, Fearow and even Dux the Farfetch'd(thanks to the EXP boost) in Red/Blue/Yellow and only got worse with each generation. It's design is pretty lazy and boring too.
Poison - I'll go for fan favourite Garbodor here. It's ugly, yes, but I still consider it somewhat ugly cute, which is more then most of the 'mons on this list.
Ground - Garchomp. Normally a really strong Pokemon has a good design and weaknesses, but not Garchomp. I hate using it, fighting it and looking at it.
Rock - Barbaracle. I get what it tries to be, but that doesn't mean it has to be so ugly.
Bug - Mothim, Masqurain, Kricketune... Really anything that stops being useful after lvl 20, if that.
Ghost - Jellicent F. It's so ugly, yet Frillish is so adorable. Why did you have to find out about McDonalds, Frillish?
Dark - Mightyena. The stat distribution on this thing just makes me sad...
Steel - Heatran. It's a red Muk with a helmet 'cept even more ugly.
Fairy - Aromatisse. Same thing as Frillish, really.
Dragon - Garchomp. Again. **** that thing.
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User Info: Xeuten

3 years ago#35
So many people crying of Azumarill... In the past generation, this pokemon only had one trick and now that its a bit more useful in diferent situations people cry about it. With how bad its speed is, its actually not soo hard to kill it. Belly drum even helps you a bit since there is no berry that fully heals you >_>. If your pokemon hits hard enough and do super effective its posible to kill it rather quickly.
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User Info: Dragrath

3 years ago#36
Ghost-N/A though I pity Dusknoir...
Fairy-aromitiesse/Slurpuff shivers...

User Info: SC235

3 years ago#37
Normal - Bidoof: Why?
Fire - Delphox: doesn't seem right at all
Water - Magikarp: anyone with 6 of these go away
Grass - Oddish: or budew, or any grass status inflictor early in the game
Fighting - Throh: it's legs
Dark - Mightyena: countless times v. Aqua, Magma and Flare, intimidate and swagger. That is all.
Psychic - Mr Mime: screens
Ground - Diggersby: tho?
Rock - geodude: why are you so boring?
Ice - Snover: makes me want to sneeze, and it's sprite for platinum is disturbing
Steel - none, maybe Wormadam Steel
Bug - any early game bug
Electric - Dedenne: worse IMHO than the other mice, not competitively
Flying - Wingull and Pelliper: why the noise, stop appearing! -_-
Fairy - Flabebe: maybe because of wonder trade
Dragon: Kingdra: although I hold it in high regard, this is the most annoying thing in any gym battle, arguably worse than bugsy's Scyther or Whitney's Miltank. Clair's Kingdra is very annoying with its high power moves and smokescreen. Oh the humanity of continually missing. Juan's Kingdra is extremely annoying, spamming double team, confusing with water pulse and after eventually getting down to low health, resting!
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User Info: TrainerAura

3 years ago#38
Normal: Purugly - It's ugly
Fire: Emboar - It's a disgrace to Pokémon
Water: Dewgong for some odd reason...
Grass: Gloom - It's part poison
Electric: Manetric - Hard to not like electric, but never cared for manetric
Psychic: Mr. Mime - Don't like clowns, Mr mime is more clown than mime
Ice: Smoochem? - not sure if it's ice, but it disturbs me.
Fighting: Tyrogue - It's an idiot pokemon
Flying: The pelican one... It's weird.
Ground: Wiscash - It... Just... Doesn't make sense to me.
Rock: Probopass - Too hairy looking and awkward
Bug: Pinsir - I don't like beetles, they scare me
Ghost: Banette (I have a hard time not liking Ghost)
Dark: Poochyena...... (Too many of them across Hoenn... X_X)
Steel: Durant scares me... Looks more like beetle than ant. T_T
Dragon: Dragalge, only cause he's poison.
Fairy: Did Mr. Mime go fairy? I dunno... If not, then it'd be Igglybuff. Them eyes yo...
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User Info: Froakiebloke

3 years ago#39
Normal- Regigigas
Water-Luvdisc(tie with Barbaracle)
Electric-Emolga, if you had good stats and learned fly everyone would have used you, but no!
Psychic-Baltoy, but I like Claydol.
Ice- Cryogonal. It's the worst thing i've ever seen.
Flying-Pidgeot. I think he looks stupid, Fearow was alwas better.
Poison- Venomoth. It's a moth!
Ground-Drilbur, with it's face only a mother could love.
Bug-Cascoon, because I could have had a shiny Muk, but no, Cascoon!
Steel-Honedge(is this cheating?)
Fairy-Slurpuff, of course!
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User Info: phoenixflame95

3 years ago#40
Normal: Watchog
Fire: Heatmor
Water: Luvdisc
Grass: Maractus
Electric: Elekid
Psychic: Mewtwo
Ice: Jynx
Fighting: Mewtwo-X
Flying: Swoobat
Poison: Garbodor
Ground: Stunfisk
Rock: Graveler
Bug: Scolipede
Ghost: Shedinja
Dark: Scraggy
Steel: Durant
Fairy: Wigglytuff
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