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Whose your main mega pokemon?

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User Info: tremain07

3 years ago#1
Im stuck between mega Blastoise, absol and Mewtwo XY (heard you can trade the items to the version that doesn't have it(\
I got nothing

User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#2
Luvario all day.

I intentionally spelled Lucario like that.
I like Apple Pie.
Companion_Cube_ is Arceus and Xerneas. Combined.

User Info: nskyliner34

3 years ago#3
Charizard X has always been my mega lol, never even tried anyone else yet besides the lucario you get in game.
"They laugh at me because im different...but i laugh at them because there all the same"

User Info: Raltrios

3 years ago#4
I don't always use a Mega, but when I do, it's either Blastoise, Kangaskhan, or Medicham.

Because I haven't bothered breeding the others yet.
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User Info: themagicpainman

3 years ago#5
Mega Mawile is my Mega Mawaifu
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User Info: davidledsma

3 years ago#6
Mawile. It's finally good!
GTS is evil.

User Info: Luca_Knight

3 years ago#7
You will never know me... You are lost...and scared.
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User Info: kazooie959

3 years ago#8

I've seen about 0 others online with one.
I am the great Kazoo! FEAR THE FEATHERS!!!
Poke Balls. Don't leave home without them.

User Info: tremain07

3 years ago#9
themagicpainman posted...
Mega Mawile is my Mega Mawaifu

the thing with the massive mouth with teeth? you can't waifu a pokemon
I got nothing

User Info: navi854

3 years ago#10
It was absol, now it's heracross
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