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What are you breeding right now?

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User Info: RAcastBlaster

3 years ago#41
Finished Jolly DD Larvitar a bit ago and just finished EV training it.

Got a 6 IV one for myself immediately followed by a perfect 5 IV one that I'll give to a buddy of mine. I was pretty shocked, haha.
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User Info: slomaster

3 years ago#42
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User Info: ZeroX91

3 years ago#43
Currently I'm trying to breed a shiny Nurse Joy....four boxes full and no luck yet.
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User Info: Silverosx

3 years ago#44
Nidoran females with Hustle.

I wants me a 6IV Sheer Force Nidoqueen.
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User Info: Holden_Mcgroin

3 years ago#45
Is Gamefaqs maturing? I was surprised to find a lack of your mom jokes.
All the ladies love Holden Mcgroin.

User Info: Apple_Danish

3 years ago#46
Going for shiny froakie. I have 1 shiny so far but wrong ability
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User Info: ThaYardieBoy

3 years ago#47
I'm currently MMing for a shiny 5IV Noibat. I'm probably about 100 eggs in so far.
3DS FC: 3866-8544-9946
Normal Friend Safari: Loudred, Dunsparce, and Ditto

User Info: tragik00

3 years ago#48
Holden_Mcgroin posted...
Is Gamefaqs maturing? I was surprised to find a lack of your mom jokes.

I literally came here to say the same thing. No mom jokes? Gamefaqs lettin me down.

User Info: Peachrules14

3 years ago#49
Togepi, and it's such a pain in the ass to do, since Togepi is a baby and can't breed.
3DS Code:1332-7829-1699
Friend Safari: Petilil, Simisage, Quilladin

User Info: TopStarRacer

3 years ago#50
Trick Room Timburrs
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