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Pokemon related gift for girl - need input

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User Info: TheRealNonRock

3 years ago#1
I know this doesn't seem game related but hear me out.
Since Valentine's coming up I figured I'd make a present for a girl I like. She's really into Pokemon so I thought I'd give her something related to it. Being an engineering student with a tight budget and not much free time I decided to use my only ok talent for this.

We once had a discussion about Pokemon and she told me who her three favorites were.
So I'm going to draw 3 black and white pictures of her top three.
Here are the lines for the first one:

Do you think it's close to the game's design? Would you like something like this if someone put in the effort?

User Info: TableFlip

3 years ago#2
That looks great!

And just for gimmick purposes, you could chain fish for a Shiny Luvdisc and give it to her.
I don't even know anymore.
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User Info: Ghetsis

3 years ago#3
I suppose I'd like it. It's better than anything I can draw...

I gave someone a perfect Espeon as a Christmas present, though.
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User Info: KIngdomSora50

3 years ago#4
She'll probably be happy with whatever you draw to her :)
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User Info: CubeTheLwNoob

3 years ago#5
TableFlip posted...
That looks great!

And just for gimmick purposes, you could chain fish for a Shiny Luvdisc and give it to her.

I swear I was gonna say get her a shiny luvdisc but then I realized not even shiny status can make luvdisc even a slight bit likable
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User Info: Traziel

3 years ago#6
Awesome picture imo.

Throw in dinner & a movie and you got yourself laid.
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User Info: ZeroEquat1on

3 years ago#7
If the girl you like wears any accessories in her hair then I highly recommend this it's doesn't cost much, I bought one for my wife last year and she almost died from excitement :)

Sorry for the long link on my phone atm.
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User Info: KaraCharizard12

3 years ago#8
Despite how poor or well it's drawn I'd love a drawing of my favorite pokemon from my boyfriend :3

If I had one that is, but whatevs.
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User Info: Katharina27

3 years ago#9
Oh that's cute! She'll love it. If you can somehow manage to get a candy bar to go with it, I'm sure that wouldn't go amiss either. ^_^
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User Info: Ace81892

3 years ago#10
Sure the drawing is good. And it's probably going to look amazing once it's got some shading, but I will never understand why people like Luxray. I bred and trained a competitive one and I had to box him because it's just such a bad pokemon. It's way too slow to be a sweeper, and it's not bulky enough to do anything else. Just... a really bad pokemon overall. But, yeah, the drawing looks good.
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