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What tutor would you like to see

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User Info: ElectricSh33p

3 years ago#1
In the next game

Besides the ones from previous games
I would like to see a Defog tutors so I don't have to tranfer pokemon between 4 games.
A Bullet Punch tutor would be nice, especially if Bisharp or Mawile can learn it.

What about you guys?

User Info: ElectricSh33p

3 years ago#2

User Info: jdeo1997

3 years ago#3
aura sphere. because it is the best special fighting type move
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#4
Quiver Dance.

The move could immediately make a lot of mediocre Pokemon more viable.
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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#5
Putting aside the past tutors, Curse and Nasty Plot plz.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#6
Dragon Pulse.


Heat Wave.

Boomburst. Imagine... Boomburst Gardevoir.

Such power
Much devastate

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User Info: ElectricSh33p

3 years ago#7
But Imagine Gardevoir with Boomburst AND Quiver Dance

User Info: Mewtwo_soul

3 years ago#8
Final Gambit.

If that was given to Pokémon with better speeds and higher HP stats.... My final Gambit team would no longer become just a simple gimmick. It'd be a nightmare.
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User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#9
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User Info: KabutechRX

3 years ago#10
Dragon Dance, Superpower, Knock Off, Defog, Power Gem, Elemental Punches, Electric terrain, Sticky Web, Drain Punch, Magic Coat, Aura Sphere, Seismic Toss
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