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Most adorable Pokemon Amie Pokemon?

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User Info: Sloth9230

3 years ago#11
FC: 0189 - 9442 - 1365 IGN: Nero

User Info: pushstart89

3 years ago#12
chikorita, amie is the only reason to have it, so cute it makes me sick
fc: 1864-9737-5900/ Nintendo id: Pushstart89/ Pokemon X ign: IREDIA

User Info: Earth_Echidna

3 years ago#13
Axew. It's always so rambunctiously happy that I couldn't help but laugh.

...I need to catch another Axew.
3DS FC: 2707-2741-9594
Pokemon Y Safari- Sunkern, Sawsbuck, Maractus

User Info: Meta289

3 years ago#14
Is here to ruin the party
Mighty No. 37862

User Info: Jenamplifier

3 years ago#15
It's face is just so adorable!

User Info: Laughingman_S

3 years ago#16
Most Eeveelutions are great, but my personal fav is Vaporeon :3
The Organisation has infiltrated this board! El, Psy, Congroo.
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User Info: zeldalord

3 years ago#17
Tyrunt its adorable.
XBL - Gamertag: Zeldalord
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User Info: nskyliner34

3 years ago#18
"They laugh at me because im different...but i laugh at them because there all the same"

User Info: BornInLondon

3 years ago#19
3DS FC: 0275-7091-7992

User Info: Souretsu

3 years ago#20
Of the ones I've seen Axew is probably the cutest. Once I can remember to try my new Cyndaquil out, that may change though.
3DS Friend Code: 5455-9401-7637
MH3U: Souretsu
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