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What's your favorite Pokemon cry? Any gen counts.

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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#51
Yveltal's is a favorite of mine. Sounds like a diabolical siren going off. Xerneas sounds like an angry bird, though...

Pikachu's exclusive cry makes me grin too, I'll admit it. Land/Sky Shaymin, Manaphy, Torterra and Meloetta's are high favorites as well.
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#52
MogKnightAzure posted...
legendrider posted...
MogKnightAzure posted...
uwwaaaAAAAAAAAH *shluckshluckshluckshluck*

Electivire has an awesome cry

...Super Large Gourgeist is pretty scary.
The others are kind if cute, but still a bit creepy

Gastrodon, actually. I haven't heard Electivire's at all recently to remember what that sounds like

I suppose it's pretty much the same, but instead of *shluck* it's more *crtz* or some clicking crackling sound
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User Info: inavnwor

3 years ago#53
1. Kricketune's.
2. Mega Medicham's (seriously).
3. Cresselia's.
4. Mewtwo's.
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User Info: Hunter_mk

3 years ago#54
I kinda like Delphox one, deeelfooooooxxxxxxxx, also Glaceon one is kinda neat
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User Info: J-Don-Bonne

3 years ago#55

But also...

Serperior's "HEEH!"
And Gourgeist's "EhhhhhhHEeeeee!"

But nothing (other than Gourgeist and Kricketune, imo) beats Honchkrow: "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
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TenshouKairekiJin 3 years ago#56
Aurorus. It's also my most hated cry for the same reason it's my favorite. Most needlessly abrasive cry ever. It reminds me of Dumb & Dumber when they yell in the guy's ears.
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User Info: Froakiebloke

3 years ago#57
Krookodile's is godly.
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User Info: andrewx72

3 years ago#58
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User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

3 years ago#59
Espurr *hic*
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User Info: NinjaStorm96

3 years ago#60
Yveltal's cry is my favorite so far. :D
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