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Gen III-V only moves for certain Pokemons?

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User Info: Kibalnuzuka

3 years ago#11
Fury Cutter
Sucker Punch
Air Cutter
Ominous Wind
Vacuum Wave
String Shot

These are all the HGSS exclusive tutor moves if anyone wanted to know.
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User Info: Noble-Heart

3 years ago#12
knock off everything
thunder punch charmander
giga drain galvantula and volcarona
giga drain, dragon pulse and aqua tail serperior
hyper voice ralts and eevee
fire punch mawile
drill run beedrill
Iron tail and superpower Hydreigon
Cotton guard Manaphy
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User Info: gkathellar

3 years ago#13
Here are the big ones:

Heat Wave: Basically every special attacker that can use HW has a set involving it. Zapdos, and more or less all of the three genies, can notably make use of it.
Drain Punch: Same story, but for physical attackers. Lucario, notably, could make use of it. Remember, also, that there's been some change regarding physical vs. special — Drain Punch is desirable on Mewtwo X, for instance.
Hyper Voice: The two Pixilate users, Mega Gardevoir and Sylveon, are both amazing with Hyper Voice in their arsenals. (Note when importing/pokegenning that both Sylveon and Megavoir can also make excellent use of HP Fire or Ground.)
Earth Power: Much desired by Gastrodon, Kyurem in all its forms, and really ... well, just about every special attacker (that doesn't have the only worthwhile special ground move already) has a set involving it.
Knock Off: With the steel nerf and the new dangers of the ghost type, everybody wants it. End of story.
Iron Head: For physical steel types, this is the premier STAB move.
Icy Wind: Huge in doubles and accessible to a lot of Pokemon. Sort of like Heat Wave, in that respect. Keldeo in particular needs this to break through some of its counters (it needs HP Ghost for the rest, note).
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