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Stealth Brock

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User Info: Genericgamer667

3 years ago#1
Brock Polish
3DS FC: 4940-5445-8767
It is a remake, not my fault you people think ports are remakes (but only on Nintendo systems)-Demondog666 on Kid Icarus Uprising

User Info: dancnbna

3 years ago#2
Brock Slide
You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.

User Info: zelionx

3 years ago#3
Brock Throw
FC: 5412-9925-4803
IGN: Justin
(message deleted)

User Info: -Set-

3 years ago#5
Brock Smash
3DS FC: 4914-4559-7776
Pokemon Y IGN: Kai

User Info: Dabrikishaw15

3 years ago#6
Hidden Power Brock
3DS FC: 4382 - 2449 - 5707 IGN: Anthony
Official Jiminy Cricket of the Kingdom Hearts III Boards

User Info: Lucario39

3 years ago#7
Brock Blast..?

What ARE you doing?

User Info: Akubarix

3 years ago#8
No matter where I stand, I'm alone.

User Info: CarefreeDude

3 years ago#9
Brock of Ruin
3DS friend code: 5112-3770-6561
Rock Safari: Pupitar, Rhydon, dwebble

User Info: TheKitchenRat

3 years ago#10
Brock Type.
Friend Safari contains Meditite, Pancham, and Breloom. FC is 5455-9725-4939. Let me know if you add me.
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