Pokebank F.A.Q.

    3 years ago #141
    Not sure if this is the appropriate section to post in, so apologies if not. But it is in regards to the bank in some way, so here I am.

    So, long story short, in order to complete my Pokedex on X and Y, I've been using the bank to transfer all of my Pokemon from Black/White 2. When my girlfriend heard I could also transfer Pokemon from older games, she went out and surprised me with a copy of Heart Gold so that I could get a Ho-Oh and Lugia as well for my Y version. It was a used copy, so of course I did what we all do and checked the previous owner's game first to see how far along they had been and lo and behold.. They had plenty of legendaries, from all the birds, to the dog trio, Shaymin, Manaphy, so on and so fourth.

    I was able to transfer all of them with no problem to my White 2, and from there the majority of them transferred without incident to my Y. However, the Shaymin, Manaphy, Phione, and Mew couldn't be transferred. I had already deleted all of their HM moves before attempting to move them, so after looking through some topics, I assume it was because the previous owner hacked the system to get them? And, if so, is there some other way I can get them from White 2 to my Y game?