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Think there is anything left to discover in X&Y?

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User Info: Wallydraigle

3 years ago#31
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User Info: Wetstew

3 years ago#32
tathra posted...
mattgavin posted...
Yes you can which is my point, for people who don't have wifi who battle their friends locally it won't work. There are probs other situations as well but cba thinking of them at 2:50 am

its possible to include version checks and stuff, and prevent trading or battles between, for example, a version 1.3 game and anything lower.

The Pokemon series has always been behind the "meet a stranger and be able to play with them then" thing.

tathra posted...
Wetstew posted...
inane drivel.

I dont think you can even do local wireless battles or trades this gen, can you?

You can, if you and the other player both have your PSS enabled you'll show up on their passerby list and you two can interact over the 3DS' wireless.

Only took them six generations and seventeen years to be able to battle at set levels.
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User Info: tathra

3 years ago#33
apparently there's 2 more vivillon patterns in the game too, a pokeball pattern and a colorful light green&white w/ red and purple spots (well, boxes).

AZ's floette might end up being an event too, sorta like spiky-eared pichu.
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