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Worst Starter Pokemon?

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User Info: ErroneousNick

3 years ago#121
Fun fact TC, poll topics are designed to see other people's opinions, not to create an opportunity to shove yours down people's throats.

I voted snivy though because it doesn't have a clear play style. It just exists. At least Chickorita's line is designed to be a support pokemon (running an evolite bayleef in OU lol)
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User Info: MadameLuigi64

3 years ago#122
RatheV posted...
Chikorita is easily the best starter. Who cares about weaknesses when youve got great bulk and early access to synthesis? Not to mention team support with Aromatherapy?

Great! I currently have a Bayleef. When does it learn Aromatherapy?
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User Info: dancingbobcat

3 years ago#123
"hey look a 'worst starter' poll, I'll just hop on and vote for turtw-"
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