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Do you hate smogon?

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User Info: MLaw3k

3 years ago#71
Like I've said before the site is great. The only problem with it is the people here that blindly go along with or defend areas of the meta where it's obviously inconsistent and make excuses for it.
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User Info: MellowLyricist

3 years ago#72
It's not smogon that bothers me. It's people who take Pokemon of all things too damn seriously. There are better games (in the competitive sense) to be proud of being good at.
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#73
I don't care about them at all, so no, that wouldn't count as hate.

User Info: M3rett0

3 years ago#74
Mr_Delcroix posted...
LightningAce11 posted...

I don't question their knowledge but the idea that they believe they somehow own the metagame is embarrassingly hilarious. I can understand some of their bans, but a lot of their s*** attempts to turn Pokemon into a competative sport that frowns upon fun because "OH, ONLY THESE POKEMON ARE WORTH S*** AND YOU ARE DUMB FOR USING WHAT YOU LIKE".

You know that there are tiers beside OU, right ? Thanks to Smogon's tiering system ALMOST every pokemon is viable competitively. You want to use your favorite pokemon which sucks in OU ? Try playing UU,RU,NU or even LC.

User Info: Engel

3 years ago#75
The only part I don't like is the so-called 'suspect testing' which really consists of one person spouting a bunch of reasons a Pokemon should be banned that could be applied to a large number of Pokemon in the meta, then like 10 bandwagoners agreeing and then it's banned. Not to mention the blatant disregard for its own rules for voting on a ban.
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User Info: bigtim777

3 years ago#76
Where's my third option?

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User Info: Zekrom567

3 years ago#77
I don't necessarily HATE them, I just sometimes don't like their bans.
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