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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Critical Hits?

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User Info: ciberraja

3 years ago#11
I get critted I get mad, I crit somebody if feel bad for the guy.
OH CRAP - Everyone at least once.
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User Info: Pokeymuns

3 years ago#12
I'm not really a fan of crits, I see them as a bad example of randomness.

With low accuracy, high power moves, you are making a conscious choice to trade reliability for power (often a good trade) and must accept the potential for bad luck streaks.
Likewises, by choosing a move that has an added proc effect, you are generally making a trade off in terms of BP, PP, accuracy, or something else, and in return you get the additional effect (side note, paralysis random stun and sleep random duration both suck though).

Crits just screw everybody over equally for no good reason, and the only way to avoid it would be to use the various pokemon with Shell Armor or Battle Armor (stupidly restrictive for obvious reasons, on top of losing a potential ability slot).

Winning/losing because of a critical hit is unsatisfying, because it's entirely out of my hands in most of the scenarios where it occurs.

On top of that, crits ignoring the critter's negative stat drops, and the target's defensive stat boosts, is a horrible mechanic.
Sure, destroy the cornerstone of a valid pokemon strategy with sheer luck, instead of a calculated method (eg. phazing, Haze, Unaware pokemon, the new Topsy Turvy, Punishment, Toxic stalling them out, Foul Play if they're raising their Attack score). Of course, various boosting pokemon can counter one or more of the aforementioned methods, but that's normal.


With the generation 6 critical changes, they took a step in the right direction by lowering the damage of each critical hit from x2 damage to x1.33-ish damage.

In return, they changed the stage increase to heavily reward those who actually made the investment to raise their critical chance (this requires your item/ability/move to line up, in most cases).

This is good - if you make the effort, you reap the rewards.

Gen 5:
Base crit: 6.25%
+1 Stage crit: 12.5%
+2 Stage crit: 25%
+3 Stage crit: 33.3%

Gen 6:
Base crit: 6.25%
+1 Stage crit: 12.5%
+2 Stage crit: 50%
+3 Stage crit: 100% < Super Luck Absol using Night Slash can do this, for example

I feel that they should have taken one more step, regarding the chances of critting:

Make the base unboosted crit chance 0%
If you want a chance at critting, you have to raise your crit to +1 stage (via Night Slash, Stone Edge, holding a Scope Lens, or something else) and you'll crit at 12.5% chance to begin with.


There's enough randomness based on moves hitting/missing and additional status effects proc'ing.
Crits are just another unpredictable element into the mix.
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User Info: MinakoEXE

3 years ago#13
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User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

3 years ago#14

im in the middle. they are good and bad. without them, the game is too predictable and fixed. but because they can happen, people can be lucky and have them happen too often in one game. thats not very fun.

the nerf to make them do 1.5x damage is helpful. they need to be nerfed a little more though. maybe drop the rate of occurence
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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

3 years ago#15
I hate when they happen to me as much as the next guy, and I'll admit it sometimes feels cheap/lame when I get multiple crits against an opponent(especially if I could have beat them normally).

But that feeling when a crit ohko's something that's been stalling and setting up for the past 10 turns...beautiful.

I'll go with 5.
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User Info: kirbymariomega

3 years ago#16
1. They're terrible and always come at the worst times.

Trying to weaken a Pokémon? Here lemme just murder it for you.

In the middle of an important battle and have the ability to tank two more hits? Critical hit, just for you!


User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

3 years ago#17
negative infinity because useless luck mechanics are as bad as arbitrary limitations like day and night
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User Info: BloodlustSweden

3 years ago#18
I'm reafing the question as "when it happens", since noone wants to be hit by a crit....
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