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Many consider HG/SS to be the best Pokemon games; how do they compare to X/Y?

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User Info: slk_23

3 years ago#1
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver versus X/Y - Results (375 votes)
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
44.8% (168 votes)
Pokemon X/Y
55.2% (207 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Many people cite HeartGold/SoulSilver as their favorite Pokemon games, possibly due to nostalgia, but also possibly because the game is just that good. Well, X/Y are the latest releases, and people seem to have given them positive reception so far. But is it anything like HG/SS? Do the newest mechanics and features make this the best Pokemon generation yet, or was Pokemon better in Johto and Kanto?

User Info: FoundAUsername

3 years ago#2
HGSS better than XY?

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User Info: Bobsplosion

3 years ago#3
I'll admit HG/SS were excellent games. Two regions and 4 generations worth if Pokemon was awesome.

But X/Y are still better.

User Info: ThatKipp

3 years ago#4
I don't know about HG/SS, but B/W is definitely better than X/Y. It's a fact that that is my opinion.
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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#5
I would rather play X/Y over HG/SS. X/Y aren't good, but HG/SS are terrible.
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User Info: ar4757

3 years ago#6
Nostalgia I do not have of Gold and Silver as i'm a "Hoenn baby" XD
I still preferred HG/SS by a long shot thanks to a post game and great amount of legends.
X/Y do have better mechanics though, obviously.
And sprites are better for overworld methinks.
But 3d for battles is nice.
We need a hybrid
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User Info: ExcIusivity69

3 years ago#7
The newest installments are always the better games, because the mechanics always improve. Dark/steel types, abilities, physical/special split, and now fairy types along side mega evolutions, there's a lot more depth now. Gen VII by default will be better than X and Y if it introduces new mechanics that add more depth.
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User Info: M-Watcher

3 years ago#8
People only consider HG/SS the best Pokemon games almost purely because of nostalgia. That's my grouchy assumption.

Myself, I can't look over the blatant issues that the Johto games had that ruins the enjoyment of the games for me. Leveling balance was a nightmare, Pokemon variety was horrid, Johto is tiny, Kanto was empty, etc. HG/SS's additions include the annoying way of getting other region Pokemon, the impossible Safari Zone (Which is the only place you can get more variety of Pokemon), and for some odd reason changing the Suicune storyline.

So, I prefer X/Y. Only by a little bit, as X/Y is still lacking in content in comparison to HG/SS. However, since it is the first duo games of Gen 6, that is to be expected, and we can only expect huge improvements when the next Kalos game comes around.
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User Info: TurboAE86

3 years ago#9
i like both. miss them following u around tho. and HGSS story mode is 10x better
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User Info: CallMeSeeker

3 years ago#10
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