Pokemon stats explained! EVs, IVs, Natures, everything! PLEASE READ!

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    ethicalanalisys posted...
    Quote:So after I get through the main game, which I haven't yet, and I want to compete online, I will just get wiped unless I take the time to do all of this?
    Not necessarily. Not everyone works on perfect Pokemon. There's a huge advantage to it but there's also ring in which random crits will determine the outcome of a match. You can have somewhat of an edge by studying strategies and countering types.

    But keep in mind that other people can study strategies and counter types. Not only is this not mutually contradictory with EV training, but it's to be quite expected that people who do the former do the latter - EV training is, after all, strategic!

    Again, you might win the odd battle against an EV-trained team with non-EV-trained mons, but you'll be at a distinct disadvantage.
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