Pokemon stats explained! EVs, IVs, Natures, everything! PLEASE READ!

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    This topic is missing one important rid bit on the remaining 2 EVs.

    At level 100 let's say you had 80 evs in a BOOSTABLE STAT after distrubuting your EVs in a divisible by 4 way... You place the remaing 2 evs in this Under 252 EV stat.

    Next you proceed to use a move that doubles that stat(2 stage boost, 6 stage boost) suddenly these 2 EVs in the stat become 1 more total point in the stat, 2 more at +6 (and gets more complicated with items like evolite or choice item), this can be the factor that let's you live with 1 hp vs certain things the pokemon battles or deal that 1 extra damage you need to do when sweeping.

    Those remaining 2 EVs are extremely important to Boosting pokemon especially that boost 3 stats at once (clamperl, liligant, xerneas, etc)

    Where it matters more than anywhere else is potentially speed, when you have a speed tie with someone with identical speed and EVs but you have an additional 2EVs you will be winning the tie and moving first/last(trick room).

    You can even game the system slightly if you want to LOSE the tie in a mirror match (for whatever clever reason) but win it otherwise. But I'll let you guys figure out that intricacy on your own.
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