Pokemon stats explained! EVs, IVs, Natures, everything! PLEASE READ!

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    FluffySD posted...
    This topic is missing one important rid bit on the remaining 2 EVs.

    At level 100 let's say you had 80 evs in a BOOSTABLE STAT after distrubuting your EVs in a divisible by 4 way... You place the remaing 2 evs in this Under 252 EV stat.

    Next you proceed to use a move that doubles that stat(2 stage boost, 6 stage boost) suddenly these 2 EVs in the stat become 1 more total point in the stat, 2 more at +6 (and gets more complicated with items like evolite or choice item), this can be the factor that let's you live with 1 hp vs certain things the pokemon battles or deal that 1 extra damage you need to do when sweeping.

    Those remaining 2 EVs are extremely important to Boosting pokemon especially that boost 3 stats at once (clamperl, liligant, xerneas, etc)

    Where it matters more than anywhere else is potentially speed, when you have a speed tie with someone with identical speed and EVs but you have an additional 2EVs you will be winning the tie and moving first/last(trick room).

    You can even game the system slightly if you want to LOSE the tie in a mirror match (for whatever clever reason) but win it otherwise. But I'll let you guys figure out that intricacy on your own.

    look, there is no such thing
    EV are fixed, he mentioned this several times
    Stats are different from EVs. If you double your status by using a stage 2 move, the EV will remain there. stop worrying about that
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