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Disturbing things in Pokemon games, or just stuff that creeps you out.

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User Info: BloodlustSweden

3 years ago#81
sonOFestark posted...
BloodlustSweden posted...
GastroFan posted...
The scene in Platinum where you sneak into the Team Galactic meeting and see Cyrus rallying his troops to his 'cause' reminds me of old newsreels that showed Hitler's rise to power in Germany before World War 2. Then there's the girl in the middle of the strange house in B/W2 that leaves the Lunar Wing behind, the girl that disappears on the bridge on Route 16 in B/W1, the Old Chateau with the rotom inside the television in D/P/Pl, Lavender Town's tower that's haunted by a dead Marowak in FR/LG, as well as the ghost in X/Y that appears in one building in Lumiose but isn't seen again. Those are the things that creep me out most, other than Mr. Bonding doing his O-Power thing which I never expect.

Added: Also Drowzee and Spiritomb creep me out when they jump out of places like Dream World in Gen. 5. I don't remember how many times I nearly jumped out of my chair at the computer when they popped up that way.

Just how old are you? Or are you jewish (or similar)?
I can see why you might think to say something like that, but: all of my what, this is unintentionally offensive.

How is it in any way offensive? It's just a simple question. I think you are being over-sensitive (especially since the question was not even aimed at you).
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User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#82
Jason_Hudson posted...
Cubone wearing the skull of its dead mother has never sat right with me.

Lavender Town in general never sat right with me, but that is pretty sad.
I HAVE FURY! - Fawful.
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User Info: PsychoDongYi

3 years ago#83
1. The Cubone skull thing.

2. The Old Chateau ghost creeps me out.

3. A LOT of Pokedex entries suggest that the human race should've been eliminated a LOOONG time ago with all them soul-stealing pokemon.

4. The Person that gives you the TM for Echoed Voice in the Hotel.

5. ALL of the in-game Fairy users. Their eyes make them look possessed to me. and it makes fairies seem evil for some reason. ESPECIALLY Valerie, it's like she might turn into some sort of soul-eating demon or something.

6. The Litwick line in particular.

7. Phantumps and Gourgeist.

8. The elevator astral projection creeps me out, even after I deduced that it was from the girl in the hotel telling you to shush 'cuz she might not hear the elevator.

9. Perish Song. (How are you not affected?)

10. THE FACT THAT THEY TREAT ALL LIFE, other than human life, LIKE DATA!
Everything they encounter can be stored in pokeballs and then into Computers.

11. Ditto. Okay, not ditto, but how people use 6iv dittos. The Day-care is a w****-house for most players.

Take numbers 3 and 10, maybe 9 and the last one as well, and you may come upon the thought that it is quite possible that there were some scientists,that played 'God' and created pokemon or transformed all animal and some vegetal life into pokemon.(in the pokemon world, that is)
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