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Feraligatr =/= Sheer Force HA

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User Info: DunnoBro

3 years ago#1
I don't know if we as a community knew this yet, but since serebii, and bulbapedo don't show it i thought I'd post it here.

I hit it with sucker punch khan in battle maison and its attack went up. So it's HA is justified now. I did this back in october so i assumed others would notice this by now but it doesn't seem like.
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User Info: Puppyfaic

3 years ago#2
Proof please?
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User Info: Rad_Dudesman

3 years ago#3
ya should have saved the battle video
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User Info: TropiOUs

3 years ago#4
You will need a vid to prove this
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User Info: MLaw3k

3 years ago#5
Hmmmmm, for real? Let me go evolve my Totodile to confirm...
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User Info: RAcastBlaster

3 years ago#6
I sincerely question this without proof.
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User Info: ffdgh

3 years ago#7
uhh...liechi berry.
Ignorance is bliss! 3DS: 4768-8177-0708
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User Info: meestermj

3 years ago#8
ffdgh posted...
uhh...lechi berry.

This is what I'm inclined to believe.
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User Info: CarefreeDude

3 years ago#9
Definitely lechi berry
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User Info: DunnoBro

3 years ago#10
ffdgh posted...
uhh...lechi berry.

it went up twice. and it wasn't in peril until the second hit
3DS FC: 3308 4781 6052 (Pokemon Y Ingame name is Isaac)
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