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Good alternative to coin under circle pad trick?

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User Info: JadeDragoon7

3 years ago#1
I've been doing the coin under circle pad trick everyone has been suggesting and now my circle pad has fallen off. What is a good alternative to this to help breed?
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User Info: MinakoEXE

3 years ago#2
Lol should have used an ID/credit card.
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User Info: SuperRup91

3 years ago#3
well back in the days of R/S. I would find a mudslide and keep attempting to go up it with an acro bike while i placed something heavy on the D-pad. Maybe try that.
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User Info: Deimir

3 years ago#4
1. Place finger on desired DPad direction.

2. Press firmly.

3. ?????

4. Profit!
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User Info: SilentS89

3 years ago#5

User Info: TheResidentEvil

3 years ago#6
i use football cards. Ramming metal under there was never a good idea and i never did it once.
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User Info: viewtifullink99

3 years ago#7
alternate between pressing left and right on the directional pad while on the same route that the daycare is on.

Or just keep a folded up corner of paper, a plastic button, credit card corner, or anything less harsh under the directional pad instead of a dime, but it might be too late for that.
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User Info: joey11223

3 years ago#8
I use a folded piece of paper.

User Info: endergamer537

3 years ago#9
SilentS89 posted...

This is the only other option tbh
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User Info: aerisly

3 years ago#10
Clip or something heavy on a dpad.
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