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Worst Evolution Method

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User Info: TheCorruptAngel

3 years ago#1
Which is the worst, in your opinion or while arguing with objective facts? - Results (823 votes)
Trade Evolution (Includes trading with a held item)
57.23% (471 votes)
Friendship Evolution (Includes friendship while night/day)
7.9% (65 votes)
Stone Evolution
0.36% (3 votes)
Affection Evolution
2.19% (18 votes)
Evolution While Knowing X Move
2.07% (17 votes)
Evolution While Holding X Item
0.49% (4 votes)
Evolution With X Pokémon in Party
1.46% (12 votes)
Location/Weather Evolution (Magnezone, Leafeon, Goodra, etc.)
3.28% (27 votes)
Stat Evolution (Evolve with high beauty, or while one stat is higher than another)
14.7% (121 votes)
Interface Evolution (Evolve while doing the tango with your 3DS, holding upside-down, etc.)
10.33% (85 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Some evolution methods are okay, and some are awful. Most Pokémon evolve just by levelling up, but for the ones that don't, where does it go too far, making evolution more of a nuisance than it has any right to be?
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User Info: neonplanets

3 years ago#2
Trade evos are the devil.

User Info: Shigmiya64

3 years ago#3
Trade evolution. Didn't even read the rest of the poll.
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User Info: davidledsma

3 years ago#4
Knowing X move evolution. Why the f*** would I give Aipom Double Hit?
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User Info: InnerSolace

3 years ago#5
Shigmiya64 posted...
Trade evolution. Didn't even read the rest of the poll.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

3 years ago#6
Trade evos.

Maybe I'm just paranoid they're gonna run off with my Pokemon.
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User Info: xmanny

3 years ago#7
Trade evolutions were a nightmare back in the RB/Y days. Who the hell owned a link cable?
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User Info: davidledsma

3 years ago#8
Aren't trade evolutions 1,000,000,000x easier because of GTS? Besides the item ones, I mean.
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User Info: ChespinPlush

3 years ago#9
Trade evolution, but honorable mention goes to friendship evolution when you're breeding Pokemon that have baby versions that must be evolved before they can be used as parents.

User Info: Ameskitter

3 years ago#10
Voted trade evolutions without thinking about it.

After thinking more, friendship evolutions are the worst because of the baby Pokemon that need to evolve before breeding.
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