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Worst Evolution Method

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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#91
The "unbreedable Pokémon get three 31 IVs" rule would make Tyrogue more tolerable.

If it could be found in the wild.

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User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

3 years ago#92
Big surprise, the option that requires people to actually be social is 1st >.>

That said I picked the upside-down system evolution. Who would even think to do that to evolve a pokemon? Probably sparked a few of arguments among RL friends who were playing X and Y at the same time where they were both raising Inkay. One friend has hers evolve at level 32 because she randomly had her system flipped around and it evolved. The other friend still has his Inkay at level 35 and wonders why it hasn't evolved yet, and she had no idea it was because her system was flipped around.

On another would the system "know" it was upside-down?

User Info: ChespinPlush

3 years ago#93
ArmaLeyvaten posted...
Big surprise, the option that requires people to actually be social is 1st >.>

On another would the system "know" it was upside-down?

I don't think it's so much that it requires people to be social as it is the fact that actually physically finding other Pokemon players after gen 2 came around became almost impossible because Pokemon's mainstream hype had already died down significantly. The internet made finding people substantially easier, but it introduced problems of its own such as scam trades.

As for the system knowing it's upside-down, the 3DS has a gyroscopic sensor! :)

User Info: TrainerAura

3 years ago#94
Opinion-wise: Trade Evolution.

However, Trade Evolution is not the worst... Without it, Pokémon may not have become as popular as is now. It gave way to Versions of the same game, a game to connect with others, and a game that involved sharing.
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User Info: wrightreyesrock

3 years ago#95
I vote trade evolution because at the very least I can do all the other ones by myself in my own game. With trade evolutions I absolutely need another person and it's just annoying
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User Info: sfgiantsfanmike

3 years ago#96
Lexifox posted...
All the hate for trade evolutions is still surprising. Am I the only one who actually has friends who play the game?

For me I've generally had access to another system and game to trade evolve so it hasn't been a big deal but:

-Gen 1-3 has been talked about, with the cables and such

- Gen 4 was still bad due to all the loading (save to go into the room, load the chat, hope to not get trolled by 10-12 year old nephew by choosing 'draw' or whatever, ect, ect, ect), trade animation, initiate another trade and do it all over again. And woe to you if you messed up and didn't grab the right pokemon because you had to exit the area and re-save/load

- Gen 5 was better since you could connect via infrared and access your whole PC but you still had to go through the trade animation twice.

- Gen 6 I'm guessing it's as good if not better than Gen 5 but I don't know anyone else that has a 3/2DS so I'm SOL on breeding trade evolutions until someone does, or at least until we get an internet connection in the house.

Anything in game I can manage, happiness to PID shenanigans, but trade evo's require help from someone else or bankrolling 2 systems and 2 games to be able to do and is why I voted for it.

User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

3 years ago#97
ChespinPlush posted...

As for the system knowing it's upside-down, the 3DS has a gyroscopic sensor! :)

Interesting. I had no idea. Learn something new every day ^_^

User Info: kingjam1

3 years ago#98
Trade Evolutions. All the others can be done without interaction with others.
The more things I can get without trading the better.
Can't think of anything

User Info: xbombr

3 years ago#99
Trade Evo with held item is the worst by far. It's difficult to get on the GTS, people you do it with randomly are likely to steal your pokemon because of how big of a pain in the ass it is to get, and you're basically limited to 1 of the pokemon per save file unless the item is something you can get again relatively easily.
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User Info: Ultima_Wraith

3 years ago#100
Trade Evolution, why would I train something competitively and then expect my trading partner to have done the same or give back the one I trained?
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