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The Elite Dex Completionist Club

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User Info: SoulRequiem2

3 years ago#11
That I know of idk. I just passed the ones I traded back in the 5th gen. So I assume there may be a few but That I know of its anyones guess
Xbox Live Gamertag: NAGASE KOFMI2
3DS FC: 1822-0244-5838 Steel Type with Klang,Ferroseed & Klefki

User Info: Escheria

3 years ago#12
Not impressed until you have all foreign Pokedex entries as well :D
X:Esch TSV 2224 Y:LISA TSV 1535 | Main:3883-5608-5531 Teddiursa,Minccino,Eevee | Second:4124-5580-5834 (add only when I ask you to) | Bibarel,Quagsire,Poliwhirl
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