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Name Pokemon you used before they were cool.

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User Info: endergamer537

3 years ago#11
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User Info: waterdeepchu

3 years ago#12
Kangaskhan, my favorite pokemon in R/B. This has partly to do with the hell you ahd to go through to get one. Ive loved it ever since <3

Sableye, is my favorite all-time pokemon. Ive loved it since Sapphire, and was overjoyed when it was given Prankster.

User Info: IceYoshi

3 years ago#13
EtoRanger posted...
Uhh... I used Politoed in gen 4. (I actually always liked Politoed since gen 2.)

Can't think of anything else.

Same here.
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User Info: BloodlustSweden

3 years ago#14
MegaMawile14 posted...
Let's not encourage the hipsters.
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User Info: Morningstar1337

3 years ago#15
MegaMawile14 posted...
Let's encourage the hipsters.

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User Info: Ace81892

3 years ago#16
I used Togekiss before it had Fairy-type.
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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

3 years ago#17
Nice hipster thread, breh
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User Info: Shyvana

3 years ago#18
Charizard. ¯\(°_o)/¯
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User Info: JustANoOne

3 years ago#19
There was one point where I legitimately wanted to try out Mawile competitively in Gen 4...
3DS FC: D-MON 1719-3667-6394/ Pokemon Y IGN Davis
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User Info: BottledPoe

3 years ago#20
Houndoom and Clefable are two of my favourites, both got buffs this gen.
3DS FC: 3050-7585-1835- PKMN Trainer Jenna
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