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It's time to take a stand

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User Info: Corlesslover30

3 years ago#1
Pokemon trainers have gone to far. They have gotten lazy and selfish in their goal to find the perfect pokemon. They discard pokemon with no thought on wondertrade. Wondertrade is full of rejected pokemon from trainers who don't give a darn. I have adopted a froakie and eevee from wondertrade. I've given them many good homes in my box. People need to understand sometimes the less perfect pokemon can be just as good. So as trainers we need to unite and take a stand against pokemon abuse. All pokemon are meant to be loved and to battle. But trainers don't care about the love part.
They will stuffed them with ivs and only care about winning. If they lose they are discarded.
This needs to stop. We gotta love our pokemon. Shiny pokemon are a deformity that needs to be rid of. We must stop finding shiny and let them die out. So I tell u tonight discard your shinys on wondertrade or bank them so they can never hurt the pure pokemon blood again. It's time trainers to do the right thing for pokemon. Stop the intense training and rejection. And also the breeding pokemon are made to breed with a ditto 24/7 most female pokemon spend all their life pregnant then discarded. This needs to stop we must only let the pokemon breed three times then let them enjoy the rest of their lives. I feel sorry for all the dittos who have had 84839292. Babies just for the perfect pokemon. Trainers we need to be better and set our pokemon free. It's time to stop this abuse.

User Info: Ultima_Wraith

3 years ago#2
TLDR: a poster trying to be N
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User Info: mattgavin

3 years ago#3
Look at it this way. The kalos war vastly reduced the pokemon population. Each reject I release is helping build the population.
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User Info: Corlesslover30

3 years ago#4
No n is a weak one who couldn't so right. He very good looking and 18 I'm sure I can make him see the light in very many ways

User Info: AwkwardTurtle26

3 years ago#5
Wait, is a giveaway bad then? I just want to give swirlixes a good home soon :/
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User Info: Corlesslover30

3 years ago#6
I'm sorry but low stat pokemon stain the pokemon blood. They must be gone too. It's all about keeping pokemon strong. Weak pokemon should live in the bank.

User Info: Morningstar1337

3 years ago#7
yet another troll post from colresslover, How wonderful.

This will likely only attract Geewunners to your cause since Shinies didn't exist then and I'm most people didn't find out about IVs
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