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Should there be a Porygon3?

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User Info: Blackcat0123

3 years ago#1
It could be a split evolution from Porygon2. Dubious Disc (Not made by Silph Co.) makes Porygon-Z, so it stands to reason that an official silph Co. upgrade could be made to make Porygon3.

And this time..


What would it's stats be like? Abilities? And more importantly, what would Conversion3 be like?
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User Info: Onionium

3 years ago#2
Conversion3... it'd be neat if it randomized the types of everyone on the field! And they could give it a stance-change type deal with its stats to make it even more gimmicky. Perhaps switching between an atk/def form and a SpA/SpD form?
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User Info: Pikachu222

3 years ago#4
I think there should be a porygon3 because like you said PorygonZ is just a virus and not really the next stage in its evolution. Also I think Porygon3 should look more like an animal. If you notice Porygon goes from a boxy artificial pokemon to a more realistic bird like pokemon as Porygon2. So I always imagined it getting more and more real and life like as it evolves.
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