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Can't get Celebi from Pokebank

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User Info: Anomic93

3 years ago#1
So I downloaded the Bank, linked it to my game, and uploaded my mons onto the bank.

At that point I could have picked up the celebi from choosing the pokemon link option at the startup menu but I wanted to receive it after restarting my game.

Now that I've reset the game, that pokemon link option is gone and I have no clue on how to get it. I've tried mystery gift, redownloading pokebank, but nothing works... Any suggestions?

User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#2
You lost your chance to get it. This has apparently happened to other people, and they haven't found any way around it.

The reason this happens is because Bank is linked to one individual account, and not any game saves. So, once you activated the Celebi on one of your games, that was it. That was the only chance you had.

You could try emailing Nintendo and complaining, but I doubt they'd care.
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User Info: Vakturion

3 years ago#3
You only get one celebi per nintendo ID, if you want another one you're going to have to delete your nintendo ID and make a new one. However if you delete your nintendo ID you lose everything you downloaded(full games and apps, etc) and any money currently on the ID.
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User Info: Inkblot

3 years ago#4
Did you find out a way to get Celebi still? I ran into the same problem, and now I can't even access my Pokebank. It says I need to access it using my other save... which I don't have anymore.

User Info: bdgunda101

3 years ago#5
try linking pokemon bank by using it with pokemon x or something.
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User Info: Inkblot

3 years ago#6
bdgunda101 posted...
try linking pokemon bank by using it with pokemon x or something.

What do you mean? I linked it to my first save and now the option doesn't even show up.
If you mean I should use another copy of Pokemon, I don't have an extra.
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