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Kanto and Johto had the most complicated cave maps

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User Info: NeoSioType

3 years ago#1
Though not necessarily the best designed or the most fun.

Feel free to disagree with me.

User Info: Malimario98

3 years ago#2
I think it's Sinnoh.
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User Info: YoungSushiMane

3 years ago#3
Well gen 3 barely had any caves so yeah. And 4 I don't remember anything from that story. Played it once then sat out of pokemon until this past November and gen 5-6 don't really have caves either. Well not big as mount moon for example
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User Info: JM_14_GOW

3 years ago#4
Partially agree with you, I still remember that damn sea foam island
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User Info: BareFootTuna

3 years ago#5
One of the things I wish XY had. I know they made them linear and easier for casual young players. But man, I wish they had places to explore. At least post game.
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User Info: choicespec

3 years ago#6
I hated those strength puzzles.
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User Info: inspirits

3 years ago#7
Looking at the maps, it's a little embarrassing to think that I had such a problem with the Kanto caves. I guess when you're running low on repels (and occasionally deciding to go w/o Flash) everything seems nightmarish.
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