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theory crafting vgc doubles team.

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User Info: Don_of_Blades

3 years ago#1
Been thinking of some ideas for vgc doubles. This is what I have thought of and ideas are welcomed.

Vavillion @ life orb/focus sash
Timid @ compound eyes
Sleep powder
Quiver dance
Bug Buzz

Your usual set, against smeargle, use powder to put it to sleep before it uses dark void, or use quiver dance otherwise.

Riolu @ choice scarf
Timid/jolly @ prankster
Follow me

The idea behind this is with prankster, follow me is back to being +3 priority, and with scarf, it outruns all fakeout users, other moves are mostly filler. Full EVs in hp and speed are a must to ensure at least one turn. Possibly two.

Lucario @ megastone
Naive @ justified/inner focus
Nasty plot
Vacuum wave
Bullet punch
Rock slide

Just thinking right now but might drop plot for dark pulse or a coverage move.

Goodra @ assault vest
Bold @ gooey
Dragon pulse
Sludge wave
Ice beam

Your basic bread and butter special tank. With assault vest nothing in vgc meta can knock it out in a single hit without major investment.

Aurorus @ weakness policy
Timid/modest @ refrigerate
Nature power
Dark pulse/flash cannon
Rock polish

A risk/reward set. Ideally zard Y would hit it with solar beam, trigger policy while doing a a rock polish and then just 1shots most of the enemy team. Nature power in WiFi turns into tri-attack which gets refridgerate boost.

Gengar @ gengarite
Perish song
Dazzling gleam

For those annoying stall teams. Not much else to say other than gleam since it hits both pkm.
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