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User Info: Metagr0ss52

3 years ago#1
I was looking for any suggestions regarding my team for standard doubles. I've assembled more of a good stuff/ pseudo sun team centered around mega banette.

Adamant, Prankster
EVs 228 HP, 120 attack, 100 speed, 56 def
-sunny day
-will o wisp
-trick room
-shadow claw

Standard annoyer, with ability to change weather to sun and use effects of trick room. Will o wisp mainly for physical attacks. Shadow claw for stab, attack in trick room, and avoidance of taunt.

Infernape@life orb
Jolly, Blaze
(252 attack, 152 speed, 100HP, 4def)
-flare blitz
-Mach punch
-Stone edge

Flare blitz for sun boosted, life orb, stab. Mach Punch for priority and type coverage. Stone edge for flyings. Protect, standard in doubles.

Goodra@weakness policy
Modest, sap sipper
(244 HP, 196 special attack, 70 defense
-Draco meteor

Physically bulky, special tank. Thunder for rain teams. Earthquake for +1 thanks to sap sipper and coverage. Draco meteor for stab attack on almost anything. Protect, standard.

Sylveon@sitrus berry
Bold, cute charm
(242 HP, 144Def, 112sp attack)
-dazzling gleam
-skil swap

Dazzling gleam for spread damage and stab. Psyshock for poisons. Protect standard. Skill swap to steal opponents abilities or swap my abities.

Gyarados@eject button
Jolly, Intimidate
(252 attack, 200HP, 56def)
-ice fang
-earth quake

Used as a bulky, physical tank. Intimidate helps with physical threats, esp with sylveons skill swap. Ice fang for coverage on dragons. Waterfall for stab physical attack. Earthquake for coverage and spread damage. Protect standard.

Bold, overgrow
(252HP, 210 def, 46 sp def)
-petal blizzard
-sludge bomb
-solar beam

Petal blizzard for spread damage and +1 sap sipper on Goodra. Sludge bomb for stab and solar beam when in sun. Protect, standard.

User Info: Metagr0ss52

3 years ago#2

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